Help please ---- Off topic Section? Where do I find it?

I've seen people get critical of others when conversations drift onto other topics or when something gets started that, yes, may not have much to do with football but are still interesting to discuss. Such as the Steel Industry crisis etc.

I've searched Ticats.Ca high and low trying to find this -off topic- section people speak of. There isn't one I can see.

All I see is Suggestions (locked) and Ticat Chat


If there is an -off topic- section can someone show me where it is? If there isn't, can one get started?

My interests in life are varied so I drift onto other topics rather easily. And I hate getting yelled at. :twisted:

Thank You


This thread has nothing to do with football. I think you should have posted it in the Off Topic discussion forum.

On there is a "Off Topic" section. I found on this forum (Tiger-Cats Chat) everything gets posted from Chef Ramsey recipes, expansion,rule changes, to practically everything........... and Ticats are linked together....You are posting here through Ticats, I am posting from has a main section and sections for every team. Also there are sections for "other leagues" and offtopic....You can get to any of these forums by scrolling down the main page....You will see jump to ...Tigercat chat...beside that there is a small on that and you will get a drop down listing of all the forums available on

There is absolutely nothing interesting going on in the CFL right now, so I don't see the harm in starting off topic topics on the main board or team board.

How many people really check out the off topic board anyways?

Thanks to everyone.

Problem is that I never go to CFL.Ca. except during the season to see stats etc.

I stay on Ticats.Ca

We should have an Off-Topic forum on Ticats.Ca. I have no interest in going anywhere else.

Thanks again for the answers to the mystery. :slight_smile:

I think you missed my point! You dont have to go to You dont have to leave Ticats either...They are all linked together.

Give it a click and you will see what I am talking about

Ok, I took your advice and went to the -off topic- in CFL.Ca

Sorry but no thanks.

If I want to discuss the Lister Block or the shape of the crappy road called Stonechurch or spring Smelt fishing off the pier under the Skyway, I want to do it here on Ticats.Ca where most people can at least know what I'm talking about. If I went to CFL.Ca and started a topic about the Waxman family or Locke Street window shopping, do you really think anyone else but us from Hamilton will be interested or even be familiar with the topic ?

I'm applying, on behalf of Ticats fans, for a -off topic section- of our own.

It can't be that hard to set up and besides, as far as I know, MRX is based in Hamilton so we all have some clout here. :twisted:

At least you gave it a look

That's rather odd that you guys don't have an off-topic section on your forum.

We have one on ours and it's LOADS of fun! You wouldn't believe how off-topic some of these off-topic topics can get, with very little effort. Kind of a nice way to engage in some fun chit-chat, shoot the breeze, discuss newsworthy events of the day and generally go off in pretty well any direction we want.

Maybe if you talk nice to your administrators they'll let you have it too.