Help pick a name for a Halifax based team

Yeah, actually, highlanders or maritimers would be good. I keep thinking of Mariners, but there's some baseball team in Seattle named that. Something military-related would be good - Halifax was (is) a huge naval base. And there's so much history in that area, something classic should be easy to come by ... Privateers even? No, probably too strange ...

That's why I don't like names like "Storm", "Rage", "Power", etc. They're trendy, but that's it - they have no substance. To me, they sound stupid now and I think they'll sound even worse years from now. Heck, "Stormers" would be a bad name but it's a lot better than just "Storm"!!! It should be plural!!! And although it is a link to the most significant bit of Halifax's history, I put "Explosion" in that group too. To me, all those types of names sound like they belong in the XFL, and I think they should go the way of the XFL and never come back.

Titan's right though, if you come up with a name and logo, even though it's not as significant as coming up with a stadium, it does help a LOT with marketing. And it seems to show real, genuine interest too. There are a couple of NFL logos/helmets for teams that never "became" ... Baltimore Bombers and St Louis Stallions, for a few examples. There's also versions of Jaguars and Texans helmets that were used (presumably for promotional purposes) before the teams ever hit the field. Helmets Helmets Helmets is good for showing those (

Anyway, the more I think about it the more I like the name Schooners. Halifax Schooners. Admirals might be OK, too. I think a nice, simple logo could be an anchor. St Mary's uses white helmets and white facemasks, and it looks really good - a CFL team could build off that, and link to the University team which is pretty popular out there. Bluenosers sounds a bit too close to brownoser ... As for the "fear" thing with the name, I'm not really afraid of Eskimos, Argonauts or Alouettes ... and I'm not sure what a Roughrider is, but it's probably not as bad as a tiger-cat or lion :wink:

Alot of good points being raised. I like SEAHAWKS myself but of course Seattle already has it. Storm is good but I prefer plural so given the choices I'd go with Schooners.

Near The Begining Of The Season On One Episode Of CFL Snap On The Score They Went Looking For The Worst Football Name. The Winner Was USC Gamecocks, But One Of The Teams That Came Up Was CIS's "The Clan". I Forget Now Which Player Played There But When He Mentioned He Played For The Clan All The Imports Jumped All Over Him As If He Was A Closet Neo-Nazi. But My Point Is, I Like The Name Clansmen To Try To Change People's Proception Of What A Clan Is. That Way When People Think Of Clan They Never Associate It With Klan, And Instead Associate It With The Herritage Of The East Coast.

One Of The Names That I've Always Liked Was The Rabid Beavers, It Doesn't Get More Scary And Canadian Then That. Other Good Names Were For Failed Leagues In The States; Barricudas, Deamons, Outlaws Were All Great Names And I'd Have No Objections To Stealing One Of Those.

I think you need to have the name region specific, you have to bring all the maratimers into the fold. You make it City or Province sepcific Newfies are going to hate it. I like the Storm and I like the Schooners. Good names and you got to keep the name Atlantic something or other.

You don't need a regional name (see Montreal or Winnipeg). It helps little with marketing. Would the Vancouver Canucks be more popular if they were the B.C. Canucks? It just sounds stupid and smacks of political correctness. A Halifax-based team will much better serve itself by following how the Alouettes have marketed themselves within the province of Quebec. They have helped the popularity of football boom in Quebec without having to sacrifice their identity.

Also, no matter what the team is called, if it’s based in Halifax most of its fans will come from Halifax. Might as well focus on securing those fans.

What sort of “fierce” wildlife is there in Nova Scotia? For example, what about the Halifax (or Nova Scotia) Wolves?

Or what about a name like the Halifax Scotsmen, or Scots?

I like the moosemen... maybe its the beer... but then again thinking it over wouldnt that be a name better fitted for "Moose Jaw, Sask." ?---
I dont care what you call yourselfs... GET A TEAM LETS PLAY!

Halifax Destroyers..With a naval type Destroyer ship Logo.. and when they play the Argos they can SINK the Boatmen :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your posts. Keep them coming. Some good points raised here, we'll be checking the blog periodically.

keep the faith! It's just a matter of when...

Just not another "bird" name. Best to you!

Great idea on the 'Halifax Explosion' name. I also like Schooners and Storm.

Definitely no to the 'Clansmen' idea.

What do we have now?
Blue Bombers

All GREAT names. If nothing else, team names are better in the CFL. What I hated most about the name 'Renegades' was that it was just so damn obvious. To come up with a great name you have to think outside of the box.

With the whole of world languages, both living and dead, there have to be a few words a little more inspiring and catchy than any nominees so far.

You want a heritage name? Try something Gaelic.

What was the native name for the region?

How about something in Acadian?

Problem is, a lot of great names are already taken by the CIS teams in the area. In order to come up with something really good will require some more thought. All that I've read on this topic are just so obvious. We don't need team names as boring as "Texans", "Titans" or "Renegades".

I think that the best method of name selection might come by chance. The Blue Bombers' name comes from an off-the-cuff remark by a sports reporter. You might see the best name for a team on a street sign. You might hear it in a conversation. You might take a whack to the head (not recommended but unavoidable sometimes).

If I had a team in Cardiff I might call them "Bloody Black Welshmen". Selecting a team name should be an act of inspiration - not desperation imposed by some artificial time-line. If it came down to having a team without a name just for the sake of a team, then fine. No sense putting a pile of money into marketing a name and logo that bores people to tears.

Destroyers is a good name, Privateers isn't bad either. As far as the list goes, I guess Highlanders is the best IMO, I wouldn't go with Storm, already an Arena Football team (Tampa Bay Storm) and like someone mentioned, Schooners doesn't sound like a good name for a football team (baseball maybe). Moosemen sounds just silly, but Moose would be fine (wouold have to be Maritimes Moose as there's already a Halifax Moose junior hockey team), could have stylised moose antlers on the helmets.

This is a little off topic -regarding a name for the Halifax franchise- but when Ottawa rejoins the League soon, how about the "Ottawa Coureurs?" From what I've read, the Coureurs were the French-Canadian fur trappers/traders that used to leave the area with big canoes, and paddle up the Ottawa River, towards the Great Lakes and eventually the interior of the continent..."Voyageurs" would probably apply as well; and think of the sponsorship opportunities...oh, wait; Plymouth doesn't exist anymore, no more Voyager minivans, right? Oh, crap; I'm rambling now-better stop while I'm still coherent...

"Ottawa Coureurs"

I like that one!

Halifax RuffRiders

and if Ottawa returns, hopefully they will re-estabish the RoughRider name. Combined with saskatchewan, we'll create a roughrider division.

3 teams named rough riders .. but spelt differently .. how uniquely canadian!!!


Nice post Statik...Too funny!

[quote="saskesksfan"]Nova Scotia Clansmen? Tell me this is a joke. I don't know about anyone else but the first thing that jumped into my head was an infamous, intolerant, group of cloaked men that hail from the southern US./quote]

I am guessing clansmen is a play on scottish heritage.

I wonder how many players of African American heritage would be persuaded to play for a team called the "Clansmen" ?

Thats Simon Fraser (CIS) nick name...Clansmen. Piped onto the field by a Scottish piper.