Help pick a name for a Halifax based team

Halifax wants in - we've got the place to build a stadium, we've got the fan base, we've got the potential sponsors, but getting the right name is critical for success. Help us pick a name!

Yes, you do have all those, but until you get a proper owner and a stadium, you should not put the cart before the horse. Make sure you have a team first before you start to pick names-- or you are going to set yourself up for a big dissappointment if things do not work out for Halifax and Atlantic Canada.

I like the Atlantic Storm. I think it's a great name, and this way it's inclusive of all the Maritime provinces, which I think is important if the Maritimes want a successful football team.

Not the "Atlantic" name thing again. Halifax should be like everyone else and use either the city or provincial name.

Halifax Justthefaxma'am

If we can agree on a name, it helps us narrow down the logo. Once we have a name and logo, then we have something to put on a business plan to sell to the sponsors. Of course the sponsors will have the final say, but it would be nice to have a popular name and logo already suggested to get the ball rolling. I know there is a lot of history behind the Atlantic Schooner name, but it just doesn't exite me. Somehow turn of the century wooden sailing ships don't make me think of hard-hitting football. Does anyone else agree?

Nova Scotia Clansmen? Tell me this is a joke. I don't know about anyone else but the first thing that jumped into my head was an infamous, intolerant, group of cloaked men that hail from the southern US.

I like Atlantic Storm. Schooner is an alright name, but Storm sounds way better. Stronger.

See your point saskesksfan, but I missed it initially; it was certainly not the first thing that jumped into my head. I am of Scottish descent myself, so I recognized it for what it was, and it made some sense, Nova Scotia after all being New Scotland.

But I can certainly understand why non-Scots would think as you did, so your point is well taken.

Reminds me of the time when the NHL first expanded to San Francisco....the local populace had a vote for the team name, and the owners chose the fans' second choice, Seals.

First choice of the fans, apparently, was Blades. Owners, familiar with the popular culture in San Francisco, didn't want the team to be known as the Gay Blades, so they went with the safe choice of Seals.

Lesson I guess is that there's no point in stirring up a controversy where none need exist.

I'll agree that Schooners is a bit anachronistic (on the other hand the Argonauts, as in Jason and the Argonauts, go back a lot further in the mists of time than so Schooners), but I don't like Storm as a team name. I just don't like sports teams that have names in the singular as in Avalanche, Lightning, and, in this case, Storm.

I like Atlantic storm 1st then Shcvooners 2nd. A good logo would be like the fisherman on the highliner fish and chips boxes you buy at the grocery store. Its a head shot of a grizzled fisherman. :cowboy:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Other pro. sports franchises have been named after some kind of disaster,or something that leads to a disaster. i.e. “Avalanche”,Hurricanes",“Earthquakes”, “Atlanta Flames” (named after the city’s burning during the civil war,a MANMADE disaster).

So…With everything I have read in regards to the Halifax “Explosion” I choose to see the heroics of the everyday people who lived in that city when it came to helping their fellow man. So I would think a great name would be the “Halifax Explosion”.

I am originally from the great state of New York and I have always said that if a new sports team wanted to name themselves something like the “N.Y. Towers” after the buildings lost in the attacks on 9/11, I would not be against it if it was done tastefully AND…it was used as an opportunity to educate future generations on what happened that day.

The same could be done with a new Halifax team. Sometimes people can even LEARN about history from something like the name of a team when they ask the simple question…“Why are they named the Explosion?”

just MHO.

My question to you is....Your post sounds like it is coming from someone involved with the organization of a new Pro. Football team!.....Are you?


I got the Scottish reference, but like I said, something else came to me first. Considering that most CFL players aren't Scottish, I'm sure they'd make the same connection I did.

If you want to reflect the Scottish heritage, how about "Nova Scotia Tartans"?


This name covers the whole region :thup:

A few good choices there. I went with Atlantic Schooners, but I like Atlantic Storm as well.
I think a name which appeals to the entire region will help make the team a regional success, rather than just being the team from Halifax (the most likely location, though there have been rumours of a New Brunswick location).
Which is why I can't vote for the "Explosion", though that was a very interesting and colourful proposal.
But it would just focus on the history of Halifax.
Clansmen was okay, but I don't think it has a "ring" to it. I conjured up visions of lads sitting around drinking fine scotch though--no negative conotations for me.

I also prefer names that are plural, so that eliminated the Storm for me.
And Schooners conjure up a real connection to the colour and history of the region. Another name that might fly would be the Bluenosers.

Lots of good choices though guys, all, showing a good knowledge of the history and the culture as opposed to a truly crappy name like the Toronto Raptors, what with the definate connection of dinosaurs to TO.

And "Clansmen" Would never work in the southern U.S.!

NS tumbleweed....heck yes i went there

How about the Halifax Prancing Fairies?

Of the choices in the poll, I chose Halifax Highlanders-but how about Halifax Maritimers? No wierder than Dallas/San Antonio/Houston Texans-and makes a lot more sense than Utah Jazz.

I thought of the SFU Clansmen...

I voted for the Atlantic Schooners but I prefer Storm (though about it fo awhile). I think the team will need to have the name of the region instead of the city name (ie Halifax, Moncton). That is if they get a team (I'm hoping)