Help on some history of football in Canada

My apology that this question is not actually about the CFL. But where better to get some information on football in Canada. Currently, I am doing a research project on the Continental Football League. It was a minor league that operated during the late 1960’s. Their were three Canadian teams. The Toronto Rifles, Montreal Beavers, and Victoria Steelers. Does anyone know what stadiums were used ? Perhaps a idea on attendence or any other info you might know. Thank you in advance.

i have no clue

Check the Soudog CFL fan site, it might help.

The website has helmets for Toronto (and says that they were originally the Quebec Rifles of a different league). I have a Victoria Steelers logo on another computer, but I don't remember where I found it. Try fh2i.

Part of the history I am looking for concerns some of the players who came from this high level minor league on to careers in the Canadian Football League. For example the top QB in the league was Don Jonas who played for Orlando.. He went on to career in the CFL. Players with the Toronto Rifles included Ed Harrington and Tom Wilkenson who both went on to careers in the CFL. The coach of Toronto was Leo Cahill who i believe was also in the CFL. I do know Toronto for at least one year played at Varsity Stadium. Could anyone share info on that? I do know Red O'Brien played for Victoria who i believe became the first Ivy college player ever in the CFL. Again thanks to anyone who has any information.