Help on picking a new Alouettes jersey.....

With Calvillo and Cahoon at the end of there careers, I think it's time to buy myself a new jersey for the new season. So my question for you guys is, what player should I get? And wich player on our current roster will stay the longest and not get released during the season so I waste my money! I was thinking about Cox, but i'm having second thoughts about Cox on my back. If someone doesn't know the Alouettes there is a good chance I will get made fun of.

A Richardson jersey might be good. How about John Bowman?

Are you getting a pro-stitched jersey that can have the name bar changed? If so, choose any current Als player you like whose number is the same as a favourite from the past (doesn't matter that the Als jerseys are different now) so if the player leaves you can change the name bar to the past great.

I have a game-worn Perrett that I only wear at Grey CUp.....during regular season i'm wearing my Cahoon....

Once Cahoon retires, I will go with #19 S.J.Green !

If you are looking for longevity, Green just signed 3 year contract. Proulx does not go anywhere, I think since he is practicing law in Montreal. I think the organization will hold on to him and Boulay as long as possible since they are the team's face towards francophone community. I have no information but Cobourne and Watkins can also be choices.

Si Cobourne veut faire sauter la banque, je ne sais pas si c'est un bon choix côté longévité. Autant attendre l'annonce de son nouveau contrat.

Sinon, je crois que Boulay pourrait être un bon choix. C'est un joueur qui attend sa chance depuis longtemps et qui a montré qu'il peut très bien faire le travail. Je ne suis pas certain de voir Proulx revenir cette année. Il a souvent été blessé au cours de deux dernières années, et l'idée de la retraite devrait commencer à faire son chemin.

I'd buy the 70's version of #18 Richardson, and then if he gets traded, or does something really stupid publicly ( like Brett Favre), you can always change the name to Dickie Harris, one of the all time CFL greats.

I'll repeat my pitch for John Bowman. He gets better every year; he was our best defensive player in 2010 (I'd have said it was a tie with Cox before the playoffs; Chip wasn't great in the postseason this time around); and he just signed a contract extension. Why not a Bowman jersey?

I wear my Calvillo jersey; Mrs MadJack has a generic one with no name or number. . . when we met Cahoon in Regina last season I told him I had a choice between a 13 Calvillo or an 86 Cahoon and chose the former; he good-naturedly gave me the gears over that choice.

SJ Green is a good choice, I think he's headed for stardom in this league.

How did you latch on to the game-worn Perrett, Xgamer?

On the other hand.....

You could always go with a Cahoon jersey, Calvillo...or even Proudfoot

After all, there's nothing wrong with wearing the jersey of a legend.

I caught myself perusing Bruins sweaters the other day...the page allows you to put any name/number
Past or present

Naturally I thought it looked pretty good with #4 Bobby Orr on it....

Just a thought.

Oh...and if you don't like Cox, I guess Dix is out too?
(shame on me)

2007 Locker room visit...(last 1 the Als did I think or could be 2008....), got it at the silent auction for 200$, also got my son a Boulay for 200$.....

That's why I'm not high on replicas that are stitched, because they approx cost same price as a game worn....

I have one - no. 86 Ca-hooooon! The Als have schuled an announcement today at 2:30 PM, likely to announce the retirement of Ben Cahoon!

I think Ferri might be out of the voting as well.

Thanks boys for helping me out, but I have kind of made up my mind. It will be between Green and Bowman, now time to do some ini mini miny mo!!!

Green & Bowman are both very good choices.