HELP on Evaluation Camp

I'm going through last years results and I can't seem to figure out what some of these numbers mean. Can someone here help clarify them for me please :wink:

Bench (reps at 225lbs, got that one)
Flex (2 numbers??) (is it the before and after of their bicep?)
BJ (Broad Jump)
40-20 yards (2 numbers??) (1st 20 yards then the 2nd part?)
40-40 yards (2 numbers??) (1 number would give me the 40 time, but why 2 numbers?)
T Time (2 numbers??) (again, not sure why there's 2 different numbers)

it means that the players in the CFL are skinner (thus can run faster, and are more aerodynamic in addition to being athletic, and not just pure muscle and fat like the NFL players are) and that they don’t use steroids!!! 8) I love tis league.

How did that help, Marty? :wink:

Yep, I'm with KAnga with this one. definetly the reason

WTF was that…

That, Piggy, was a clear and convincing reason why we should have stricter immigration policies.....

…and or bring back sterilization…

Which method of sterilization Piggy? I can think of one that could work, it rhymes with Hobbit.

Pure muscle and fat?
What else is there?

Haven't you heard of exoskeletons?

Isnt one of the mods one of them?

An exoskeleton, in contrast to an endoskeleton, is an external anatomical feature that supports and protects an animal’s body. All arthropods (such as insects, spiders and crustaceans) and many other invertebrate animals (such as shelled mollusks) have exoskeletons. Lobsters, for example, have tough outer shell systems which provide rigidity and shape to their bodies.

An insect’s exoskeleton (integument) serves not only as a protective covering over the body, but also as a surface for muscle attachment, a water-tight barrier against desiccation, and a sensory interface with the environment. It is a multi-layered structure with four functional regions: epicuticle, procuticle, epidermis, and basement membrane.

Humans have long used armour as an artificial exoskeleton for protection, especially in combat. Exoskeletal machines are also used for medical and industrial purposes. Powered human exoskeletons are a feature of science fiction writing. Orthoses are a form of exoskeleton.

So when Kanga said our players are skinners, he meant they use their solid skin to maintain their shape, and that makes steroids useless.

The CFL knew all of this, thus why the evaluation camp numbers for the 40 and flex are two digits instead of one...

you used to be able to get a good chitinous exoskeleton at just about any corner store, but not anymore, no siree, not since those CFlers started wearing them.......

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