Help needed

Ti-Cat fan visiting here.

I have a dilemma.

I am planning on attending the Bombers/Ti-Cat game on the 29th of September. I live in Alberta and will be flying into Winnipeg the day of the game. I would like to get a ticket real soon, but absolutely refuse to patronize ticketmaster. I emailed the Bomber office to ask if there was another way to purchase a ticket. I got a very prompt and friendly reply telling me sorry no, I have to go through tm. So I just wanted to see if anyone here has any ideas for me. I would hate to have to cancel my trip because I can't get a ticket.

Thanks for any help!

You can always get a ticket off a scalper....

If you know anybody in Winnipeg have them go down and pick you up a ticket in advance ( although im assuming by posting here you don't ).

BTW: Why the hate with Ticket Master?

I was gonna ask the same thing.
Cancelling your trip because you wont use ticket master is cutting off your nose to spite your face

Why do I not like ticketmaster? Lets see, there is their unknowable and not so friendly staff, their unreasonably high service charge and their web site that does not let you pick the section you want to sit in, only the price range you want.

The suggestion of a scalper is actually much more pleasing of an option to me than tickmaster is.

By the way, Canad Inns is the only CFL stadium I have not been to. At all other games I have been to the home teams had a way for me purchase tickets without using tm. Why are the Bombers so strict on this issue?

I hate that too! :thdn:

check at Safeway as they have game tickets too

ya it is a pretty shitty deal. but if u call and and get represenative just put up an argument until they willing give u a ticket in your section.

another good chance to land a ticket is using ticketmaster just show up the the game early and go to one of the boths at the stadium as a walk up. they are normally pretty giving at those times. or at least the times i did before i got my season ticks.

My thought is that there should be tickets at the walkup, and I'm not saying this to be cruel but Hamilton won't be as well attended as some of the other home games. Good luck and I hope the "Peg shows you a good time!

Thanks for the suggestions guys.

I decided to contact the Ti-Cat office to see if they could be any assistance. Here is part of the response for them.

"I looked into the situation as I have ticket relationships with most of the teams. Winnipeg happens to be about the only one I don't. Simply because unlike most teams they heavily rely on Ticketmaster for season and individual game tickets and don't have much of a ticket staff."

Dang, looks like I'm hooped.