Help need to post pic

Dear Cfl fans I have a 1966 record book that I want to post a pic. I took a pic with my apple phone but when i try to attach it it says too big. Please any one can help?

You need to resize it using an image program like paint or Photoshop

You could also upload the full pic to a third party website and link to it

The max size here is 256K and that is a real joke(my camera takes pics that are 20 meg) 80 times larger than the max allowed here

Actually your phone should be able to resize it as well

I use to host any pictures I want to post. It’s a free service, and fairly easy to use.

Once I’ve uploaded a picture, I then use the “Insert Image” button and paste the link from the site in the URL field.

Open the image in Preview on the Mac, select Adjust Size under the Tools menu, make the resolution 72dpi if it isn’t already, and change the dimensions to something appropriate, such as 5" x 7", then save it. It should then be small enough to attach to a post.

You can also use Dropbox as a free host.

Thank you all! Will give it a shot

Picture posted!! Thank for the all the help

IMG_1800.JPG cfl record book.JPG

I’ve never seen those logos for the Als, Bombers or West Riders.

I had never seen them prior to getting the record book. The bomber one is interesting.