Help Me!

I wouldn't share that with too many people...

It allow me to ask question
When Down at the Stadium for Practices
last year I noticed Something about Maas's Dropback.
So I ask Charlie About it after Practice.
He talk to me for good 10 mins why this was.

Helps me be a Student of the game

Don't get me wrong, I love football and the Ticats. It's just that at times like these I realize that there is so much more to life and how fleeting it really is. It seems like a waste to get so worked up over a game.

borehamgirl, you are perfectly correct, to this extent. There are times when our love of football, and excitement over it, fade into the background in the face of more important daily events.
But, don't disparage one simply because the other has our attention at the time.
The solution is to take everything as it happens, exercise your emotions, but put everything in its own context. Life is made up of a whole series of highs and lows. We must put each in its own compartment, realize that life goes on, and not discard any of the happy and enthusiastic times. They are just as much a part of life as the down times.

All, repeat all, our experiences go into making us a more complete person. Don't forget the bad times, but move on.

I agree with Wilf.

Part of the issue is that we follow football, or any sport/activity etc. for differing reasons.

OnKnight seems to have lots of time. Football is his hobby. It provides pleasure, satisfaction, and community.

I follow football because it keeps an emotional connection to Hamilton, permits a context for family gatherings, and it allows me to blow off steam about a relatively trivial matter so that I can be more rational about the important things.

For other people the opposite happens. It gets them... and keeps them... worked up. Some people like living like that.

For some people football is their religion. It holds their thoughts, provides them with dreams of salvation (a championship) and has rules, rituals, and traditions, that seem to satisfy their spiritual lives. (Odd, isn't it?)

Wilf follows it because there's just plain nothing else to do up in the wilderness where he lives. :slight_smile:

I could enjoy golf but I don't play it. Why? It's because most people don't treat it as a game. For them it's 'life and death serious'. Tossing $100 for a round of golf makes sense to them.

As for me, I'd be content with 9 holes in a cow pasture where for $10 I could hack around with some friends and laugh about my bad shots. Those courses don't exist anymore.

So, because I can't find a community of what I consider to be people who are rational about golf, I don't play.

There are enough people who treat football like I do for me to continue to find enjoyment in the game. Thanks to all of you on this board who enjoy a bit of fun with their football.

There is more rouge involved...

Very well said BHG. Something we should all keep in mind whenever any of us post here.

BG .. I Understand your thoughts here.
I do agree to a point.
But In this time of Morning in Ticat Nation.
I think JJ would want us to do
what makes us happy in Remembrance of him
For me Football Reminds and Also help deal with the Pain .

I lost Two People I Knew this past week.
JJ and a Close Friends Mom.

I am Semi Retired at 40 years old.
Due to the car Crash at an early age
Football is my Escape along with my Dog
these are main ones.

Whatever it takes to get you through, my friend.

I'm very sorry for your loss. I find it gets harder and harder to be optimistic in the face of so much loss and pain, but I'm still trying.

There not to do but cry morn and move on.
That what people who pass on would want.

Mark and Wilf...very well said. I couldn't agree with you more.

Borehamgirl...if I said anything to offend you please accept my apology. I thought the purpose of this thread was to 'stir things up' which was the reason for my posts.

Not at all. No reason to apologize. I understand your post and can't say that I disagree with it completely. There is still a lot of work to be done before we're Grey Cup bound, but I think we do have some good players to work with. I suppose I just view football a little differently than some because I realize that these guys are people who are doing their best and it gets to me that people trash them sometimes (not that you were necessarily trashing them).

:thup: Cheers!

I also would like to apologize to Onknight
for calling him a fanatic. I thought he
was just a ‘know-it-all’ but after finding
a little bit about him, i can see where
he is coming from.
Maybe football is truely his lifestyle
and I hope you his sake the cats do
better this year.

GOTC : I am not mad
There is no reason be ..
I try not to take anything Said here personally
I bleed black and gold
when it comes to Ticats and the CFL.
when CFL Season is over
I Watch the NFL and Lions
Sliver Honolulu Blue and black.

Also love university of Texas
Go Horns