Help Me!

Am I the only one not convinced that the roster of players we have now can win? I look up and down the roster, checking out the changes from last year, and I just can't see us being THAT much better.

I know we're planning on bringing a bunch of guys to camp from down south, but they're are only so many "diamonds in the rough" out there. I just can't seem to picture the roster we have now being a successful team.

So, I'm calling on you guys to convince me that the team this year is gonna be good, or at least noticeably improved from last year. Besides, this thread may be able to stir this place up, because its been pretty darn quiet around here lately.

what do you expect. there were no spectacular free agents out there to sign, and the only trade bait we have is Timmy Chang and the first overall pick. He is bringing in alot of new guys through scouting and the draft will bring in a nice crop of talent. We have a good QB, a young O-line, an up and coming star in a running back in Lumsden, an improved receiving core, improved DB's, and i'm sure Obie will find someone for the D-line.

I'm calling on you guys to convince me that the team this year is gonna be good
Wish I could but no can do. Sorry...

This thread is a waste of bits..

we have an all star QB
fast recivers
Good DB's
and a lot of young potential

hi guys,

my very first comment. pls take it easy on me. : )

soooo picture this...(after a few trial and errors in the first 2 or 3 regular season games) casey throws a deep pass to tony miles (tony showed great skills with the argos). tony dashes with leaps and bounds to the end zone while his young fresh outta college DBs and LBs knock off every obstacle that gets in the way...and...TOUCHDOWN TIGER CATS!!! hehe

potential is a bad word IMO.
We hear words like Jell or potential
all the time in pro sports.

We will be better but IMO right now
We are not playoff Better
that may take another year or two.

The Cats will be better but will still be in tough to make the playoffs. But after the last 3 years, I’ll settle for a competitive team that’s still in most games at 1/2 time.

An Argo-Cat fan

Miles...aging,Woodcock...finished,Bauman...dropsy,French and Armstead...can't get open, Lumsden...injury prone,Murphy...Argo castoff.

O-line: porous, can't pass block.

Special teams:
penalty prone, can't create running lanes.

weaker without Armour.
more castoffs from other teams.

The only right spot IMO is that there's still time to get some real talent on this team!

Indeed. Jell or "gel" as some mysteriously state. Moussing before sitting down to watch other teams participate in the playoffs isn't fun either.

:D :D :D

Give me a line of Ticat hoggies wearing 'Frohawks ready to do battle in a November clash for The Grail any day!

Oski Wee Wee,

Regarding the "help me" plea at the start of the thread, well, until I can glean something from our upcoming draft selections and other acquisitions pre-camp, it's hard to say. The East is in flux (though Winnipeg is in good shape as long as Glenn is) -- until camp starts it is premature to state anything definitive, IMHO. I want to see Printers have a full camp under his belt before being too brave in the yay-or-nay department.

Oski Wee Wee,

Miles: can still play
Bauman: he was a rookie so that dossnt mean much
Armstead / French: will be a lot better with miles infront and printers throwing

Special teams: there will be new people back there blocking and returning

Secondary: Bradley will be back and we brought in a ton of people so theres guanna be some competition

Your positive outlook overwhelms me.

I'm not ready to throw in the towel on the season yet. I'll at least wait until training camp before I do that. We've got some people I'd like to get a better look at and that includes Murphy. I'd take a healthy Tony Miles over almost any other receiver in the league.

If we have another bad year, oh well. Life goes on. Sometimes sports just don't seem as important as they once did.

I'm not throwing in the towel and I am a positive person. I am just stating what I believe to be the state of this current team. I am sure that Obie will make improvements and improve it he must.I believe that some of the people mentioned above are here only to create some competition at training camp but if no one is brought in to beat them out IMO this team will fare no better than previous teams.

I like the above attitude. football is a passtime
only.We go to the games to get out of the house,
enjoy the fresh air and talk to fans.
Don't take it to seriously or you will get depressed.
and depression is bad for your health.

I know am a LEAFS FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CFL Football is not just a Game ..
It's a Life Style

For the Players - YES
For the Fans - NO!!!unless your an

Perhaps. There is more rouge involved... :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

No I am Football enthusiast
You ask what Difference is ?[

Fanatics watching the game
An Enthusiast study the Game
From The Spits of the lineman to 7 Step Drop of the QB.

I go over my HD Tape of a game
For a week to find what we did well and what we did not.
Fanatics Are Done more quickly then I am. when you acquire all of this information what do you do with it?