Help Me Understand... Volume 1

---------------80 RALPH, B------3 FLICK, D
No. Catches--------24----------------17
Touchdowns--------2---------------- 4

Brock Ralph is a bad receiver that should be cut according to many on this site...
Many of the same individuals think that the trade of DJ Flick was a terrible loss of a quality (or even, according to some, a star) receiver.

How can anyone hold both views at the same time?

Flick's value - some have asserted - is proven by his status as a "1000-yard receiver". At 333 yards after 6 games, Brock Ralph is on target for 999 yards this year.

Brock has more yardage to date this year than Flick (333 to 250).

Flick does have 0.8 yards more per catch than Ralph (hardly a significant difference, especially if those who suggest that Maas is throwing shorter passes than all other quarterbacks in the league are correct! :lol: )

Flick also has other quality receivers around him who are performing, so that he is less likely to be keyed on by the defensive coverage. He also has, according to many on this site, a "better" QB throwing to him.... yet his stats aren't vastly superior.

So does this mean that Brock Ralph IS a quality receiver then?
... or is DJ Flick also a lousy receiver?
... or am I just missing something?

Is it all about those 2 extra TD receptions maybe?

Please, help me understand.

I think people who are on Ralph's case look to the chronic offsides problem as well as his tendency to beeline for the sidelines after a catch rather than turning it upfield that gets people's goat.

In those two respects, the stats don't tell the entire story.

If you look at the supporting cast for Flick, you can also understand why others (especially Dominguez) are prime targets for Joseph. Ralph IS the designated "vet" of the receiving corps and his production (4 catches a game) may not leave some fans with a giddy feeling.

Hope that helps.

Oski Wee Wee,

Brock is also a Canadian and younger.

Flick also caught everything thrown near him. The same cannot be said about Ralph. Flick is the third receiver in the RR offence. Ralph seems to be our #1.

Holmes should be out #1 receiver but for some insane and unknown reason he isn't.

I always felt Flick was a waste of skin. Never put out any effort to catch anything that wasn't right on his numbers. Hardly likely he changed going west. Ralph at least tries for the balls but he seems to forget about the offside rules and the fact the zebras zero in on the 'Cats.
I like Taffe's style - mess up and sit on the bench.
Maybe Holmes will get more action this week.

Stats alone do not tell the whole story.

Dropped balls, going offsides, fumbling the ball in his own endzone (althought I blame Maas mostly for that).

Ralph isn't a BAD football player though. I think I get upset with him because I see how good he can be and he just doesn't show up everynight.

Most laughable post ever.

Seems to me you were describing a receiver that isn't playing CFL football anymore (Yeast). IMHO, Flick was the most professional receiver on the team over the past three years.

Well Said! :thup: :thup:

Thx woody. I wonder if "Geezer's" last name is Ralph? lol

He does have a point. Once Marshall got fired Flick didn't put any effort in his game. Slowing up on routes, not selling himself to make catches.

I agree with the lack of Brock’s YAC yards…

I don't like this comparison thing.
Flick is making some great catches with the Riders - he's made 4 really good TD catches, two were spectacular.
Joseph has really spread his passes around.

Ralph has made some great catches too.

He "YAC-ed" about 60 on one play and that is his strength---his speed. As our other receivers continue to develop he should get more room and more opportunity. He might not run people over but if he gets an inch.....

Saying that Flick was the best receiver must exclude Morreale as a player.
Having talent and having heart or whatever you want to call it are two different things. Flick never played 100% in all the time he was here. You just had to watch him to know that.
As for Ralph, the last one on the 'Cats I was happy with had the last name Sazio.

What bugs me about Ralph is that he doesn't play up to his potential. He could be an elite player in the CFL but he's got a floater's mentality. Put Cahoon's gonads between Ralph's legs and look out!! Ralph looks for the sidelines like bees look for the honeysuckle bush.

Nope, he shouldn't be cut because he's a Canadian but I'd take rookie Bauman over him. But, if he was American? Bye-bye....

An Argo-Cat fan

I gotta agree with Barney... even to the point of looking for one more Canadian to help Bauman...

Brock is not a bad receiver... I wish he'd live up to being a great receiver.