Help me settle a bet

As I'm sure you're aware, Rod Smart aka "He Hate Me" played running back in the ill-fated XFL, but also had a very brief stint with the Eskimos.

I have a bet with a friend of mine. He seems to think he played with the Esks with "He Hate Me" on the back of his jersey. I said there's no way the CFL would stoop to such gimmicks and they he simply had "Smart" on the namebar (although after fans selecting the first play in Hamilton's last home game, I'm starting to wonder.....).

Can anyone help?

The CFL would not allow that and even if they did, I can't imagine Hugh Campbell and Tom Higgins allowing it. As far as I know it has to be the player's legal name and that the XFL is the only league that has ever allowed players to have something other than their name on the name bar.

He definitely did not have He Hate Me on his jersey here. What he did have, i don't know but it wasn't that

yeah, he wouldn't have been allowed to have anything other than Smart on the name bar.

Yup, I remember. It was SMART. ( too bad he wasn't so...) hehe

He only played one game i think In Canada, then he was released, but had a pretty good NFL career.

Yup, 1 game in 2001

If you call 67 yds total rushing in 5 NFL seasons a “good NFL career” then I still have a chance to make it pro! :wink:

Let’s see… 5 years at at least $400,000 per year for at least 2 mil. Seems like a pretty good career to me. I haven’t seen that total in 35 years of working. :slight_smile:

And if he was on the roster for those 5 seasons he would have qualified for the pension which is also likely to be a heck of a lot better than yours. :wink: