Help me find my money... please ???

So I am not good with phone aps (old guy) and as a season seat holder I am supposed to have $50 concession credit somewhere. Found it before the season started but that was a loooooog time ago.

Thinking maybe I had better spend it before the season ends.

Can someone tell me how to find it.


Before the game today if possible? ???

Log in to All Access and click on My Card

Second question!!! Sigh…

The interface for entry ticket on phone has changed. Now it seems to want me to have google pay (whatever that is). Printer is down.

Maybe I just won’t go today. Do I have to download this google pay now?

First…thanks Mike.

Second…it was an all access access problem that made me not find the barcodes.

Another attempt got a site problem page.

Then another attempt and it cleared up.

I REALLY do not like this e-method. Feel like I should just go crawl onto an ice floe and float away into the cold and dark. Sigh…

NP Mark, it can be frustrating at times. Bundle up its going to be cold and wet today. I am breaking out the winter coat for the first time today. :frowning: