Help me channel my Anti-Argo feelings

The loss of Mike O’Shea and Arland Bruce in the same year borders on devastating for those of us who love to hate Argos. Hatred for the team is pre-eminent, and will always be there. But it’s fun to supplement it with extreme dislike of certain players.

Back in the glory days of a few years ago we had our pick. In addition to the two individuals mentioned above, there was Baker, Soward, Avery, even Prefontaine. And Bishop was always good for a laugh.

Now who have we got? Kerry Joseph has always struck me more as someone to feel sorry for rather than hate. Moreno’s never done anything against us, and Eiben appears to be a quasi-regular guy. Reggie McNeil seems like he’s got potential as someone I could learn to dislike.

The most obvious guys would seem to be Rob Murphy and Adriano Belli. And if Belli’s antics knock him off the roster, something tells me Corey Mace will make a fine replacement on my list – Mr. “Too Good for the Ticats”.

Don't lose any sleep EP.

In an 8 team league, anyone who comes from the blew team to the Hammer is loved and welcomed faster than you can say Arland Bruce Da Turd.

No comment on whether AB-III is now on my "Beloved" list -- but out of necessity, I've striken him from the Supervillains list.

Every tale needs its bad guys. I'm just looking for the next Lex Luthor.

Lex Luthor? Mike Kelly. LMAO

In a curious way, this trade is kinda karma dragging its wheel to get back at T.O. for the Montford trade by Hamilton. Things may not work out that way, but for what the Cats gave up, it is a no-brainer, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,

I was going to say that there are plenty of guys to hate on the blue team, but I actually do see your dilemma lol. There are very few recognizable people on that team anymore. As mentioned, Murphy and Belli are easy targets. You could also add Woodard because he was just so horrible when he played here. :lol: McNeal is a bit of a tool as well, but apparently he's going to be gone.

I guess all I can say is be patient, the next jackass will show himself soon enough and all will be right with the world. :wink:

I had to eat a little anti argo crow this week…i announced to a argo fan neighbour that if the cats signed AB3 , I would call Scott Mich and renounce my Black and Gold…a little hasty I must admit…but i hate AB3 and all that he is about…he does not deserve to wear the black and gold…he is well suited to the hot dog argos
So he called me on it and moments after the signing asked for me to tape the call to the Ticats Head Office…I then told him I thought were discussing Arlene Bruce , an argo cheerleader…I said i would never have her on my team…she is a problem in the dressing room…I am fine with Arland Bruce…

wheww…now off to list my house and shake both that neighbour and solidifiy my argo hate

Hate Rob Murphy, he's a tool. Always picks fights with our players after the whistle and gets away with it and we get charged for it.

That is absolutely hilarious.


      Until some suitable new candidates appear ( shouldn't take long) , direct [b]all[/b] of your anti-Argo feelings towards Belli.  <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->  He deserves most all of it anyway.

LOL! Truer words have never been spoken, well done BG...well done.

Classic, 4mydad! As long as there are the Adriano Bellis in the world, I have no problem disliking the blue team. :twisted:

yeah, i'm gonna miss truly hating on a specific Argo.
For years I got my frustrations out by booing O'Shea. And Bruce was the heir-apparent.

Not sure Murphy or Belli will cut it. Unless they do or say something really stupid.

They're Argo's, they've already done something stupid. :twisted:

True... and besides, a reason can ALWAYS be found, if need be... :smiley:

wasnt it moreno who the game after had a shirt on underneither his jersey saying traded for a 1st round pick? Really?
Thats something to rip on him for