Help improve the Tiger-Cats experience!

Hi fellow fans,

Myself and a few colleagues are MBA students at the Schulich School of Business. We are conducting research to learn more about your preferences as a Tiger-Cats fan, to improve and enhance the live game experience!

We would greatly appreciate your help with this, by filling out our survey at the link below (it only takes 5-7 minutes of your time):

[url=] ... Tiger-Cats[/url]

Thank you in advance!

#15 is hard to make sense of.

  • First place in the east during the regular season, or East Division Champion?-
  • there are no "quarter finals" in CFL Playoffs
  • "runner up" not a term I see in football, but I'm gussing you mean division final loss?

#5 - "Lifetime" should be an option.


Questions 15 and 16 need to be reworded or removed. And I agree, lifetime fan should be an option.

Why I attend live games rather than T.V? Are they kidding? How does one describe the very essence of being a Ti-cat fan? I attended my first game on my Nanas lap. My mom skipped school at Delta high in the 50's to watch practices. My kids attended their first games on my lap. It is woven within the very fabric of my exsistance! It is my sworn and sacred duty to cheer my ass off and lungs out at every game I can walk, travel, and crawl to! I AM TI-CATS FAN!!!

As someone who has had to do social science research, I would rate this survey "somewhat poor" in construction. It demands answers to questions that are either not applicable or to which one has no opinion. The research in design of the survey - as indicated by the questions that don't reflect CFL realities - was very limited.

Sorry, but as a prof, if these were my students, I would send them back to re-do the assignment. I even question the ethics of the title of the post. There is no indication that this research is connected with anything that might improve the game day experience. Suggesting the untrue may be acceptable in marketing, but in genuine research is considered unethical.

Schulich school... take note please.