Help! Grey Cup accomodation advice needed!

Hi folks from Winnipeg. I need your advice / help if possible. There is a guy retiring in our community who has health problems (severe arthritis- barely able to walk with cane). He is a HUGE CFL fan and some of us would like to fly him to Winnipeg with a caregiver , put him up in a hotel that is reasonably priced but where he would get the feeling he is part of Grey Cup week. Where would be a good place in Winnipeg. What events would be something this guy could handle (even if we had to push him around in a wheelchair). He likes his beer and we thought it would be a helleva way to send him out on his retirement!!! Any advice would be appreciated!!

Unfortunately I've heard that pretty much all the hotels in Winnipeg are booked for Grey Cup weekend. I'm sure you could find somewhere to stay though. As for events I've heard that there will be a lot of Grey Cup related events around the city and I'm sure many would involve drinking. I hope that you can find a way to get him here to Winnipeg.

Here is a link describing the situation:

...I wonder how many people/corporations have booked rooms figuring their team has a good shot at making it to the GC, but will cancel after their team gets knocked out of the playoffs?'s nothing to cancel a reservation.....turk, you might find a spot opens up after the divisional semis and finals....

I would say turkey, is find KK on the other forum and ask if he is willing to split the cost on a hotel room.... :lol:

You do realise that if he does that, the old guy will be begging to get the plug pulled by game time. Not to sound morbid, but KK has that effect on people. :lol: