Help Gades Fans - Heading to MTL for the Game


I was out of town (vacation) for the Gades/Riders game and the week off took a toll on me... I need my CFL fix.

I'm jumping in the car and going to Montreal this afternoon in hopes to get a good deal on a pair of tickets for tonight's game...

Where do the Gades fans meet for a pre-game beer while in Montreal?
Where is the best pre-game place to eat with other CFL fans?



Well my daughter's boyfriend and I didn't find any other Gades fans but we did find this great little spot on St Laurent... Excellent steaks, chicken wings were killer and the beer was cold... Cost me $80 for our meals and that was with 2 pitchers of beer.

La Cabane
3872 Boul St-Laurent (514) 843-7283

We also had an excellent time with the Als fans last night considering the final score... it was a good time and I would do it again.

Gas - $45
Food - $80 + $10 tip
Beer in the Stands 7.75 per + tips - $50
Tickets - $175

I was shocked talking with the scalpers... Even though I called the box office at around noon, they had a pair of tickets available, which I purchased. On my way to the will-call (ticket booth), scalpers were selliing tickets at marked price... wonder if they were counterfit...

All in all, I had a good time... I had the opportunity to meet Mrs Paopao and Mrs Kauahi as they were in front of us...

Hey watch out for my next post... More perks for Season Ticket Holders