Help....for an oldtimer...

This is pure curiosity on my part, but I would appreciate some help, if possible.

You guys have a kid named Botterill on your team. Now, since this is not a common name, and since athleticism runs in families, I'm wondering....

Back in High School in Hamilton, there was a Brian Botterill who played football for Delta Collegiate. He also ran Track. In the 1945 High School Championships, I came second to Brian in the 440.(Quarter mile)

I have been telling myself that your guy could be Brian's grandson.
Again, this is pure curiosity on my part, but if any of you have access to Brian, I would love to know if this is the case.

Note: The reference to 1945 is correct. I'm that old, and Brian is too, if he's still with us.

Yes I remember Brian Botterill quite well back in 1945 always running in the school hallways being late for classes we all thought Brian wouldn't amount to much as he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed.
I do recall a High school track meet where Brian and another young straping buck by the name of Wilf competing in a quarter mile race, were these were the only 2 competitors on the track , it was a dirty race as I recall Wilf clearly over the line before the shot of the gun, by the end of the race Wilf was nowhere to be seen, They later found him hiding under the Bleachers in the fetal position.
Brian didn't have any offspring due to the complications of using performance enhancing drugs, This embarassment forced him to leave Hamilton for greener pastures in Edmonton where he changed his name .
He now is better known as Brian Hall.

You guys obviously know each other. Tell us more.