Help for a clueless fan

Hi everyone,

Long story short, fairly new Ti-Cats fan south of the border coming up for the 23rd. I've looked around for where there might be gatherings or tailgates for fans with not many good results.

Anyone have any tips for where my dad and I should go to enjoy the day of the game? Tailgates, bars, pre game events?

Anything helps! Really just clueless at this point!

Would love to get in contact with anyone who knows their way around and could help us out on Thursday!


There is a new lot Beside the Stadium where tailgating will be going on and im sure in most parking lots its nothing like the NFL so dont come with Super high expectations lol but it is good.

You can also use Google maps to street View and have a look around the area :slight_smile:

Do you have a source for this? I haven't seen anything from the Ticats indicating that lot D will be "tailgate friendly".

The extremely short version is that the pregame experience here is very low-key compared to NFL or major college ball, and even at that, things are in a state of flux this year.

Prior to this year, a park across the street from the stadium was available for game-day parking, and served as the cultural center of the pregame experience. That area is no longer available, so even long-time fans are still figuring out exactly how pregame is going to look this year. It's possible that one of the parking lots available this year will be conducive to a similar experience, but that is yet to be determined.

The area immediately surrounding the stadium is primarily residential, and the nearby commercial strip does not have enticing bars or restaurants. The in-stadium foodservice available to most of the stands has not received glowing reviews the past couple of years, so if you arrive at the stadium hungry, it may detract from your experience.

Edit: Hope I'm not overselling it. :lol: :lol: :lol: Honestly, the team does a good job of trying to create pregame excitement in and around the stadium, but the main warning is food options near the stadium are extremely limited, and that problem is compounded by the fact that the current contractor for food at the stadium has basically been giving a giant middle finger to everyone who doesn't sit in a private suite or the exclusively priced "club level" seating.

well we are setting up there so im sure we are not the only ones :slight_smile:

You say 'coming up for the 23rd'. Which month? June 23rd the Cats are playing in Toronto. July 23rd in Edmonton. They are not home for any game on a 23rd of any month.

If you are talking June 23rd the Argos just announced how they are designating one parking lot there in Ontario Place next to BMO Field for tailgating - where they sell you beer for $4 - but you have to pay $30 - $35 to park there.

8) To begin with, the game that the person is coming up for, from the USA, is June 23, and that game is in Toronto !!!!
   If you people checked the schedule you would realize that, instead of starting a topic about the lots in Hamilton where
   tailgating will be allowed.   <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: --> 

   The new official lot where tailgating will be allowed is LOT E, on Chapple St.

    There will be NO tailgating allowed in LOT D, on Balsam St.

     Those are the true facts !!!

very clueless LOL
Wrong city :oops:

Cool. Let's make fun of a new CFL fan for making a mistake.

I don't think it is the new CFL fan who is the object of the comments, moreso the old CFL fans who just started telling him where to go in Hamilton when I think it's fairly obvious he is going to the game in Toronto.

Honest mistake by everyone really lets just tell him where to go in Toronto. In which case I got nothing really, this will only be my second game as an away fan in Toronto. It's not hard to find a place to eat or go in downtown Toronto though I am sure someone will be able to help.

I may hit up the new tailgate just to see if these Toronto fans need any pointers on how to these things work :wink:

I thought he meant he was a argo fan. :roll:

I'm not certain you can walk into the designated parking lots ($30-$35 per car) to join the $4.00 per beer tailgate outside BMO Field. That seems unclear at this point if taking the GO Train in or parking elsewhere.

If you are looking for pubs/bars to go to pregame your best bet is Liberty Village just north of the GO Station at the CNE. It is where hundreds go prior to TFC games at BMO Field. Once you arrive on the eastbound platform of the GO Train at the CNE just go through the tunnel to the Westbound Platform and there is an exit to the streets in Liberty Village. Places like the Brazen Head Pub always busy before games or Shoeless Joe's Sports Grill at King and Dufferin are packed pior to TFC games - so I assume the same would be true before Argos games. . .

8) Wrong !!! The only Clueless fans are the ones who assumed to was coming to Hamilton !! :roll:
   He knew precisely where he was going, it was the clueless fans on here that assumed otherwise !!      <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

For our new friend from the States, "GO Transit" is the name of the commuter rail system in the region (system also includes commuter bus lines). "CNE" is short for "Canadian National Exhibition", the popular name of the larger grounds where BMO Field (site of Toronto Argonauts CFL games as of this year) is located. Pedantically, the grounds are called "Exhibition Place", but most people casually refer to the site as "the CNE grounds" or "The CNE", even though "CNE" technically would refer to the annual exhibition event itself, rather than the grounds.

Thanks for all the help everyone. A lot to process but this all helps.

Clueless was strong, I know exactly where I'm going and when! (June 23rd, Toronto)

Not an Argos fan. I'm a Cincinnati Bearcats fan, Collaros alma mater so I root for him, sad I won't see him play again. Was electric in college!

Thanks again, keep the advice coming!

I think you're the clueless one. I'm pretty sure he was asking where he can tailgate in Toronto. I understood it right from the start.

As for tailgating, as Pat said, its not clear if you can walk into the Argos tailgate in the Parking lot at BMO. If not, just head to a bar near the GO station, they'll be packed with fans.

So you want guys to check the Schedule at every post ? did the guy say a month or city in his post ? you think your all something and a bag of chips just be quiet, and unless you work for the Cats witch i doubt with the way you hurl insults. I will be parking in Lot D and i will be BBQing in Lot D, I dont drink so i dgaf about alcohol THOSE ARE TRUE FACTS, Have a Nice day

Anyone with a game ticket is welcome you think the team would turn away money cause 1 guy didnt park there ? ofc not

There wil be no drinks allowed in lot D thus rendering it " not a tailgate". The loss of lot J is huge!

As I posted in the $4 beer thread - you will NOT be allowed to walk into the tailgate area at BMO Field. (Maybe in the hour before the game they might let some in). You have to be in one of the cars that pays $35 bucks to park in that area to be ensured access to the talgate area and the $4 beer. I emailed Client Services at the Argos to clarify and this was their reply.


We anticipate that the cars parking in the tailgate area will be full of fans and therefore we will not have the capacity to allow fans to enter on foot. We strongly encourage anyone parking in the tailgate to ensure they pick up any fans they are meeting before entering. If our capacity permits, we will allow fans on foot to enter the tailgate area during the last hour before the game.

We are also working on a pre-game festival that will be accessible for anyone with a game ticket. Details about this will be made prior to our home opener.

Argonauts Client Services