HELP!!! can't miss this

I have a problem, I'm going to be camping @ Sandbanks Provincial Park (close to Belleville)this week. How can I see or hear the game Saturday night. CHML, CBC, CBC Radio, Internet ??????? Do Ontario parks have wireless internet? Anybody bin there, done that? Really don't want to miss this one. HELP!!!!! :cry:

get a telus phone.. sigh up for Spark 25 and watch the game on your

Going to rough it eh?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

tape it lol

The best site on the net I have found while at work is you will be able to watch the game live and it is free.


Go to the nearest pub and hang out there and watch the game. Lots of bars in Bellville. Who goes away on holidays and not have access to a Ti-Cat game anyway? Poor planning I see.

Can pickup CHML from there. Rig up a small arial in a tree. Good luck.

Contact CSIS. They will wire you up and you won't even be inconvenienced.

Be forewarned! It's difficult to get unsubscribed.

8) I would cancel the camping trip and stay at home so you could watch the game !!! Get your priorities straight my man !!!!! :wink:

That's why I got married on our bye-week last year. I also made sure I took my laptop on my honeymoon and had a wireless connection... lol