Help bring Ac/Dc to Tigertown

Bring the biggest rock act in the world today to Hamilton.

I think we should also ban together and get kiss to come as well.

Ozzy Osbourne also !

( glad to see other people like off-topic stuff too in the off-seaon! ) :lol:

Looks like we're ahead of you guys yet again. :smiley:

AC/DC - Canad Inns Stadium - Winnipeg, MB - Sat, Aug 22, 2009 06:30 PM

Can we save you a seat?

You're dumb, they only choosing you cuz they tryna hit the major places of each province otherwise they'd have to do like 200 shows. There's alot of Major cities in Ontario Ie. Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton.They figured since they did Toronto that they've covered all of Ontario. What does Manitoba have? Winnepeg, insanely cold winters and lotsa and lotsa mosquitoes as well as a team that the Bulldogs own and that the Ticats and Argos will own.

(a) On our forum we refrain from name calling. You criticize the post, not the person.
(b) They chose us because they know the crowd will be rockin'
(c) Doesn't matter how many major cities your province has - either you have what it takes or you do not,
(d) so you are obviously conceding that Toronto remains the center of your universe
(e) insanely cold winters give you PLENTY of options to keep warm :wink:
(f) lotsa and lotsa mosquitoes are dealt with a whole lot easier than you'd believe
(g) game, set and match. :smiley:

ya ac/dc rockin to 6 farmers and a tumbleweed. sounds like a sick concert to me.

Just like a person from Winnepeg, think your God's gift to Canada and gotta try to laugh and show what little you get off. So sad tbh, Winnepeg fans have done nothing but post on here bragging about how great they are when they're really not all that. They're like an ugly guy that thinks he's a chick magnet till you give him a mirror. How bout you drop the snobby "we're better then you" attitude because you're not.
I'm starting to even be willing to go the distance and be and Argo fan before I'd ever be a Bomber fan and that's pretty bad.

Never said any of the above and never claim to be any of the above. Not snobby by any means, not better than you by any means and sorry if you can't take this in the spirit of the fun in which its intended.

We have Ticat fans posting on our forum who can handle the give-and-take of the good-natured ribbing that comes along with venturing into enemy territory, so you may want to reconsider how seriously you seem to be taking this (and yourself) and just roll with it.

Mosaic stadium is getting AC/DC and Aerosmith this summer. And if you don’t think the praries know how to rock, just ask the stones. The 2 shows they played in Regina were in their top five shows on their world tour.

Rock on!!!!! The Prairies RULE!!!!!!!! 8)

C’mon cheese, it wasn’t too long ago, that some dumbass reporter from Hamilton pulled the old ‘at least we’re not Winnipeg’ routine, to try to make you forget the 1 - 17 season.

cheese, r u 12 years old?

Seriously, it sounds like your jealous of us because our football team can win more than 4 games each season... :lol: :lol:

AC/DC is THE BEST BAND IN THE UNIVERSE... I only wish we would pursue this but I no we won't HAMILTON I LOVE YOU but you seem to make too many mistakes... The numbers speak for themselves...

cheese, r u 12 years old?

Seriously, it sounds like your jealous of us because our football team can win more than 4 games each season...

That may have been so the past few years but the Bombers aren't even close to the same team they were ie. Milt Stegall retired, Tom Canada gone, Alex Gauthier gone, Dan Goodspeed gone, Kevin Glenn gone, Greg Marshall and the list drags on. Ticats are on the up and up, Bombers will either go up or down, there's a massive question mark over their head.

AMEN! Angus Young is the frickin man! Too bad it's very unlikely we'll see him performing the duck walk in Tigertown anytime soon :cry: ROCK ON! ACDC = FTW :rockin:

Personally, I’d rather see a good band.


Like? Ac/Dc has been on top of the rock world for over 34 years, I'd say they're pretty good. And they still don't consider themselves celebrities, in fact they like to mingle with the fans quite often and they always give 110% no matter how little they get paid or how little the concert. Angus Young has to be the only guitarist I've ever seen playing a solo while spinning on the ground, Duck walking etc. Back to them being average joe's, if you look on youtube, these random bar dudes search for Angus Young's house and when they find it they knock of the door. And what happens? There's no 500 security gards tackling them for going near the house, no 50 ft gate, nothing. Angus answers and has a regular chat with these guys, in fact even they were shocked. If it were Gene Simmons or something there'd be 50 security guards between you and him at all times.

Best band in the world?

I didn't know U2 was coming back to Hamilton...

8) Just curious, how old are you anyway ???? :roll: