to all CFL/ Lions fans some have you have seen me at the Lions games, im the big guy dressed up like an APE, anyways i was wondering if you could help me win tickets to the grey cup by watching my video on youtube it would be greatly appreciated thnx

Planet of the Apes! Wally Bouno is that you?

LOL, Wally does kind of look like the Grey haired ape from planet of the apes. Oh, well Tillman looks like a upside down pencil with the eraser as hair and Higgens looks like sneezy from the seven dwarves. Popp, a 70's adult film star. Hey if you can't laugh at your own team then life's no fun.

I tried your link and for some reason it didn't work.

Ok watched it now what?

I never realized that was a costume before.
I just assumed you were one of the Booze Brothers after a long night on the town....
Watched the video. Hope you win whatever it is you will win...
Hope you won't mind cheering for the Riders in TO....

Didn't BC used to play a guy to cheer for the team back in the 1980s? Crazy George or something. We thought he was just a nutzo fan, but he was really a mascot or some sort.

Yes they did and now all his kids cheer for the riders. :lol: :lol:

Yes crazy George he got to be too expensive and he doest do Lions games any more.

ummmm...Too expensive? Dont you mean not necessary since you get more than 9000 fans these days? LOL. Your crowds WERE an embarrassment to the city of Vancouver. And of course Crazies kids are Rider fans...who else???


Yes Crazy George was pretty funny . I was at one game back then and he was in the section I was sitting in. Man was he loud , but when he tried to just talk he was so hoarse you could hardly hear him.
He disappeared from BC and next you know , he's doing the same act for the Minnesota Vikings .

Ummm, were an embarrassment? As usual your dilusional opinions are badly mistaken. Yah, they had some ups and downs but so have the Riders and other teams when they weren't winning.

1983 was a re-birth for the Lions both with the hiring of Coach Don Matthews and the opening of B.C. Place Stadium. The new facility saw record attendances for CFL games as the Lions averaged 45,550 per game and would be pleasantly surprised at the results.

In Coach Matthews’ third season at the helm, all of the promise finally came together from start to finish. The Lions averaged 42,336 fans at B.C.

1991 - 40,888

Crazy George charges a LOT of money I heard $60 000 per game in the 80s. They did bring him back for a single game a few years ago. He does other sports as well.

Crazy George

Why do you post stuff when you have absolutely zero knowledge on the subject? You could smash your head against the keyboard and you would be more accurate.

The Lions lowest crowd since we moved to BC Place is 18607. Where do you get 9000 from?

Krazy George was incredibly popular here. He asked for more money and when he didnt get it, he stayed down south where he had several full time contracts, the main one being the KC Chiefs. He wanted something like $30,000 per game, and we just couldnt afford it at the time.

I don't know anything about your Crazy Kids ... imo anyone who chooses to stay in that frozen wasteland you call a province is 'krazy'.

There. Watched it for you.

But why not post this on the Leos Forum?

Anyways, good luck and if you win don't forget to bring your backpack of potato chips and bubble packing or whatever they put in the prize pack... :slight_smile:

Why would we expect anything sensical from Kel he is probably from the praries, the most gullable people in Canada. Take this as an example:

They made a deal with Charles M. Hatfield of Los Angeles who, for the sum of $8,000, agreed to produce four inches of rain between May 1 and August 1, 1921. Hatfield arrived in Medicine Hat in April and set up his equipment. Fences were erected, and visitors and reporters forbidden. No-one could get close enough to see the actual working procedure of the towers, tanks and iron trays filled with chemicals. There were light showers at the beginning of May, but by the end of the month, so much rain had fallen that telegrams were arriving from all over Alberta and Saskatchewan asking Hatfield to hold off on the moisture for a little. In June, the rains stopped and, as temperatures climbed above 100 F, the drought returned. The executive of the farmers' association demanded that Hatfield produce the promised rain. Nothing happened. At the beginning of August, the rainmaker received an offer from some American farmers offering $3,000 for each inch of rain he could produce. Hatfield took down his towers and his tanks and on August 7, 1921, promising to return the next year with improved equipment, left Medicine Hat for the United States. He never returned.

...the most gullable people in Canada huh?...ever hear of the 'Fast Ferries' there Merv? about gullable...while a few farmers were out a few grand 80 years ago you guys spent, what?, a billion? on boats that didn't work only fifteen or so years ago....good one...

Hey at least they didn't tell us they would be magical boats that could fly to the moon and bring back cheese.

I'd buy a ferry that could fly to the moon and bring back cheese! MMMM cheese!