Hi. This is really Mark… you know, the guy who has been on these boards since the second day of operation of ticats-ca. I’m frozen out of my old account and name. I go through endless loops and the new activation link goes into cyberspace and not to my email.

I registered my name “mark” when we were first warned to do so back in June and it was confirmed by the system. I go off to Africa for a month and when I return I sign into the Board and when I try to post I’m shifted to the “now its time to link accounts page”. I followed the instructions and it said that it was sending an activation link to my email account. it never came.

IF YOU CAN’T POST THEN SEND YOUR COMPLAINTS TO - remember, access is misspelled as acccess

I’ve been in contact with Alex at the Ticats and over 4 emails he made suggestions and eventually had the webmaster send a new activation link. That one AGAIN did not work. Since then both the webmaster and the 'Cats have ignored me.

Should I just give up on the Board after more than 5 years? I mean, there’s little football talk on here now and people are so grumpy with each other that it looks like a lot of the old posters have left.

But I had lots of neat pm’s like my chats with Bob. There were exchanges that I saved and even some poetry contests that I ran that I occasionally referenced. It’s all locked away now.

JareCanada has a new name because it looks like he’s locked out. Who else is stuck out there? I’ve set up a hotmail address so that anyone who CAN’T post due to the foulups in the new system can email me with their complaint and I’ll pass them on via this Board and my new idiotic and angry persona. Then I’m done. If the Cats/CFL don’t care- then why should I. I’ve spent far too much time trying to resolve the technical issue that the website should never have permitted to happen in the first place. An automatic linking could have been done and saved all this hassle but some individual somewhere wanted to save the time of writing a few lines of code.

I went through the same nightmare for about a week and apparantly others did too........I finally created a new hotmail account that worked after 3-4 tries but my sign-in name is different than my actual username that you see (deerhunter)..........but, whatever, it seems to work ok since that initial problem

I was suprised to see posts by someone else under my name, not sure how that happened but I am no longer posting as of now.

A plea to whonever is in charge here.....

Get this straightened out ASAP. This site without Mark is like a team without a quarterback.

He's been here since WAY BACK, years ago. Plus,he is always the voice of sanity, when others fall by the wayside.

And make sure he has the name, MARK.

Thanks in advance. I know you have the interests of us all in mind, and our interests include having MARK with us.

x2 :thup:

Deerhunter had to change her email address and there’s no doubt many more just like her, I had to change my nic but figure it will be fixed when seasons renewals are due and I can’t be reached through the old address. :slight_smile:


Boy, have I got news for you.

Obviously a wrong assumption on my part, her (his?) use and choice of words is identical to my 15 year old daughters. (gross, yuck, take a chill pill....etc....)

I'm in a really good mood today so don't be surprised to see a few words like :



I had the same problem initially because, although I had reserved my existing name as suggested, I did not reply to the email link immediately. When I logged in some time later, I was recognized on the CFL site but couldn’t connect to the TiCat forum.

I got the same message as others did about it being my first login. When my ID/email combo wasn’t recognized, I went the “forgot email” route and then received the “we sent you a new confirmation link” message. However, I didn’t get an email. After trying this a couple of times, I logged in at the CFL site, changed to another email address in the “modify account details” area.

I repeated the process above and received an email at the new address. I went back in later and changed the email address to the one I originally wanted to use.

I hope you can follow all that nonsense. :wink:


Send me a PM with your username, your forum username and the e-mail address you registered under, and I'll see what I can do to get you sorted out.


For those of you who may be unable to PM: