Almost every game it seems that we are seeing helmets flying and the TV crew commenting on not knowing why this is happening. It seems obvious to me that the helmets today are simply too loose. Back when I played football (no we were not still using leather helmets), you would have to stick your fingers in the ear holes and pry the helmet apart before sticking your head in. In fact in my last year of high school ball, we got helmets that were filled with a gel that was molded to your head. Now the players simply plunk the helmet on their head and away they go. Maybe in light lf the concussions in sport, we should go back to the tighter but less comfortable helmets. It was hard on your ears if the helmet got ripped off but better sore ears than a sore brain.

The helmets these days sure look all fancy with their swoops and ridges and fang-dangled cage bars. All it seems to do is make them look cool and be expensive. It's all marketing.

But the damn things don't work if they DON'T STAY ON YOUR HEAD!!!

Go back to nice plain round ones that work. They should all be recalled and the manufacturer should be paying to have them all replaced. It's inexcusable.

I say we also get rid of seat belts.

Seriously though, there was a problem earlier in the season with helmets flying off left, right and centre, and it was explained then that the new helmets fit looser for a reason: they are actually slightly larger, have superior protection, and have a different, thicker shock absorbing material. Lately, there have been fewer helmet ejections and I suspect they are still working out the kinks with chin straps and padding. Going back to the old helmet that offered less protection from concussion simply to stop a problem that is already showing signs of being solved would be a huge mistake.

Science will find a way of offering better protection, but not without actual real-game testing by the pros, and testing is ongoing. Apparently yet another new design is being tested now.

I remember how tight those helmets were. We would take them off, and have red marks where the ear pads sat. I remember getting TMJ pain from calling signals because my helmet was so tight. And on our whole team, I don't remember seeing even one pop off during a play. Game or practice.

Of course, and I've said this before, I played football in the 80s. My hair gel kept my helmet in place. :smiley:

The helmet issue should be addressed, it used to take a pretty solid hit to dislodge someones helmet, it used to be rare. Are they wearing the helmets larger? I also remember having to wedge my helmet onto my head and it wasn't always a real comfortable fit. The problem is the risk of concussion if the helmet is off and the head hits the turf, as soft as it is, no protection at all will be career ending. Even with the twin belts on the chin strap, something isn't right.

Personally I just think players don't put them on properly. Maybe not in all case, but often I see guys not strapping all 4 straps on their helmets correctly. It's like hockey where the chinstrap is so loose you could pass a hand through it. Yet we wonder why there's so many concussions in the NHL.

Yeah, but why the huge spike just this year? True, we've seen more and more helmets coming off over the past 5 or 6 years, but this year is AT LEAST double maybe even triple the incidents that we had just last year.

I would like to know, which brand, models are failing?

If a certain brand or model(s) is failing then these models should be banned and recalled forthwith. And not only in the CFL, think of all the kids playing at all levels.

Let's change the topic somewhat but instead discuss the logos.
The seldomly used Lions paw design as seen last Saturday is awesome.

I would way it is easily 5 times as much. It is nothing to see 5 in a game, where it used to be 1 maybe.

WAY WAY too big of a coincidence that they just switched helmets this year. Also way too big of a coincidence that many players have openly said they are using old chinstraps from other gear because the chinstraps are too uncomfortable.

Maybe they should make one-piece helmets that mold to the jaw?

When you see a quartebacks helmet flying off when getting hit in the chest, there is a problem, Buck Pierce is a perfect example, they were solid blind side shots but his helmet was still in the air when he hit the ground. It used to be tough to pull a guys helmet off by his face mask. The NHL did address the helmet strap issue a few years ago, but it has slowly drifted back into the game. When Brashear got smacked in the head years ago, his helmet was starting to come off just before his head hit the ice, it may not have added to the concussion, but if football you're dealing with helmets already off.

I agree that prehaps the players are probably wearing bigger helmets, certainly they don't fit correctly.

They fit correctly, they just don’t fit as snugly. If concussions are down after this season then the new helms have done the job. Lets wait for the data before jumping to conclusions. The problem will eventually be solved.

Until someone gets smoked in the head after their helmet comes off and dies or gets SERIOUSLY injured. It will happen if this continues. And BTW, they seem to fit snugly to me. I tried one on.

They simply need to go back to the manufacturer and tell them to make a better clip or they are ditching the helmets. The NFL does not have this issue...surely they have as much or more tech into theirs.

I don't think the external shape has anything to do with them coming off.

I watched Buck Pierce put his helmet back on his head after it was knocked off (helmet, not head). He grabbed his face mask and plunked the helmet on his head like it was an oversized soup pot. There was no resistance to going on thereby no resistance coming off. I don't know how it can fit correctly when it can wobble around like a bobble head.

Yes I know. My point is that they spend six figures developing a helmet and their main concern is making it look space age cool, rather than making the thing actually you know, protect someone's head.

Like in the NFL.....Rock on Mike Vick :cowboy:

My dog disagrees with you.

I am a dog owner, but Vick; all things aside a Super Bowl victory would be sweet. :thup:
Edit: otherwise the N.Y. Jets :wink: