Helmets coming off

Is there an exorbent number of helmets coming off this season? Has something changed....helmets, chin straps, etc? I'm afraid someone is really going to get hurt.

There's a new "safer" helmet that a lot of players are using, but the different shape is making them more likely to fall off.

Lefko has a decent article about it,

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/2011/07/20/cfl_helmets/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/20 ... l_helmets/[/url]

the huff was saying on 960 they cant keep the air in the helmets when they travel east. not sure if thats true or just huff down playing stamps not knowing how to tighten chin straps.

I know alot of players only buckle up 3 out of 4 straps because it its more "comfortable" but I'm not sure that's it or not

Yeah, with the amount of helmets coming off, it's only a matter of time before someone gets hurt really badly. They need to improve the strapping on it and the ear pads.

CFL needs to Use Same rule as the NFL when a Ball Carrier lose his Helmet the play is over

also this rule should be added if a player is caught with Helmet not correctly attach to the head
it 15 yard pen and 500 Dollar Fine ..

It has been speculated that some players may be using the chin straps off of old helmets, as apparently many find the new straps irritating and uncomfortable, and that this may be the issue. From experience, I know that certain straps I simply could not wear, as they scrape and cause chaffing. If this is the case, the CFL needs to go back to the manufacturer, who I am sure would address it. I often went with a different make of helmet simply to get a comfortable strap...it is a significant distraction.

Another view on it in the G&M. Pretty interesting in this one about how Calgary has to inflate and deflate the helmets each game depending on what altitude they're playing at.

This year in my opinion has to be the worst year for helmets coming off. If 11 Helmets came off in the Calgary vs Winnipeg game, you can only imagine the number of helmets that have been coming off in the last 4 weeks when all the teams are accounted for.

This should not be excusable. This is the only year that I have seen the numbers be this high. If they have to replace all the helmets and straps then so be it. Yes I know it is costly but it is better to replace helmets and straps than to lose someone to serious injury.