Helmets are staying on so far

Funny how all of a sudden the helmets are not popping off every couple of seconds like they were last year. I wonder if it has anything to do with the rule changes.

I has to do with the new helmets that were introduced last year. They still hadn't got the fittings and straps right.

With the exception of Cornish, I haven't seen many helmets pop off. Hopefully he can get his issue sorted out as it's likely to hurt him at some point down the road, he'll be about to break a big gain but his helmet will pop off and the play will be blown dead.

Ive noticed a few, but that may be because I am looking for it. Nothing like last season yet though, where you would se elike 5 in a game

Cornish lost his lid 3 ties in the first quarter alone. It's ridiculous. Somebody duct tape the damn thing on. But seriously though, he should get a penalty or a fine cause it's just stupid.

He could put it on a take it off without tie the chin strap. Obviously the chin strap was not tight enough. He was warned by one of his coach and it stayed on the rest of the way... Funny how that works. It's Magic !