Helmetless Guy.

In the fourth quarter last Saturday at Ottawa, on a punt cover, a Toronto player had his hat knocked off by an Ottawa opponent. The ferocity with which the Argonaut special teamer proceeded to battle was the kind of stuff Coach Chamblin ought to be playing for the team in the film room. Granted, the Argo player drew a penalty on the play for playing without his helmet, but the sight of him working so hard, while the Ottawa guy is in full retreat - even from my seat sixty yards and twenty rows away - was exemplary.

A tape of the Argo player trying, and the REDBLACK guy retreating, ought to be in every promotional video the Argos’ marketing team produces.

I get what you’re saying in terms of what it means for his personal tenacity, but this absolutely could not happen - the league and the teams cannot ever be seen promoting activity that could be construed as anti-safety.

do u have a link to this ?