Helmet toss 2


I do not understand what the fuss was all about. Chick was the aggressor and Murphy held him down by the shoulder pad. The helmet looks like it got banged off during the tussle. I do not know about you but 46 for the riders looks like he led with the helmet which should have been a penalty. Other then that in the scrum it was a free for all for the ball.

Changed my mid on number 46 that was a good hit. But Was JJ not down why were the riders jumping on top of the guy. I think it was jusified for the Lions to protect him. I could not see how Schultz lost his lid but it could be the same thing that it was knock off in the scrum.

Wrong pair.
Haji-Rasouli ripped off Schultz's helmet and tossed it.

By the way......
I have yet to figure out how to dive for the ball without going head first.

Surprised Schultz didn't get tossed for that. What he did was worse than any of the reactions the Lions had.

Given that there was a loose ball waiting to be recovered I feel that the Riders were justified in swarming around Jackson. We all know that fighting for the ball still goes on under the pile even after the whistle is blown. Perhaps Jackson was still fighting for the ball which forced the Saskatchewan players to maintain their position (which happened to be partially on top of Jarious).

Three Riders piled on top of Jackson when he clearly had the ball. Schultz starts pounding him into the ground on top of him when the play was over. At first I thought Sherko should be fined and I entertained the possibility of him being suspended. Now I don't think he should get either.

Dragoon I think JJ was on his back when the ball came lose so I think the whistle had gone and the riders went fighting for the ball. Yes Schultz is the bad guy in this he should have his chin strap on a bit tighter next time. :lol:

Upon watching that clip again I'm convinced that Shultz stayed on top of Jackson because Jackson himself was pulling Shultz' arms in an attempt to rip the ball back into his possession. Jackson looked like he was actually keeping Shultz from getting up.

What video are you watching? Or can you just not admit the lions were wrong?

John Chick knocking off Rob Murphy's helmet is no big deal, right? If Sherko should be fined/suspended, edit

Wrong in protecting their thrid string QB. Thats face it they are running out of QB's. I believe the scrum was unnecessary espcially that JJ was down by contact. The piling on did happen. And it was only right the Lions players protected him.

RO, what video are you watching? Or can you just not admit that the lions were right?

By the way Ro thanks for the video.

redwhite, the Riders did nothing wrong. Lions players are supposed to stand there and watch three Riders pile on top of their QB. If I was Sherko I would have done a whole lot worse to Schultz than what actually happened.

I'm not about to take the bait, cuz I kknow you're not that stupid RW2005. I implore other Rider fans not to take the bait either!

When they are right I admit it....You unfortunately wont.....Shultz was going for the ball. Where you see him pummeling JJ to the ground is beyond me.

Hmm, actually after watching yet a third time I may be wrong. It looks like Jarious got the ball and Shultz was the one trying to rip it into his possession. As I said earlier, such acts are common in fumbles, but in this case because a QB was involved I can see why this particular fight for the ball stirred up more emotions than usual.

In truth I missed this particular play originally and ro's clip was my first and only look at it.

Surprising seeing as you posted the video that you can't see Schultz pound JJ into the ground. It's clear as water. Heck, even Stevie Wonder can see it!

I think that the lions who jumped on the pile gave an even bigger risk of injuring JJ.