Helmet to helmet - what gives?

Just wondering…
Why, when Ed Gainey drove the top of his skullbox direct head-on into Stanback’s nut (2nd quarter 10:27), it was “just full-on football”, but a few weeks earlier when Sutty barely nodded away a super-weak Tisdale (Ottawa), who was clearly going for a head-shotbut mis-timed it , it was then a fine-able infraction (…against the wrong team!!!). Question: Are there rules or aren’t there? Really: Who holds the cards?
Also wondering: yeah we loved that Johnny Football flea-to-flea-to-flea flicker play for a TD… but isn’t anyone curious who the Als’ left O-line were actually blocking on that play? - while 2 riders were crashing into the backfield? Check it in slo-mo: NOone on Mtl’s left side blocked ANYone. No contact. Zero. Worst: Patrick Lavoie stood by and watched HOW many pass-rushers sail past clean?? And look: JM got smacked SUPER hard just for trying to make the play. Surprise me.
Yay, team.

Bottom line: JM wholly commits himself and jumps on live grenades.
I think and hope his insanity is going to become infectious in the bestest of ways.

[Not necessarily related: looks much like ‘some strange kinda vibe’ can still awaken the beasts in Cox and both Bowmans - so mote it be!]

I don’t understand him doing this again a month after being injured. Puts in question is willingness to learn from experience.

I admire the courage but he should have a talk with Collaros. I wonder if that is what Chris Jones pulled him aside to tell him after the game… “Be smart kid”.

They are impressive for their age … but I think one of Cox’s tackles was after being dragged for 20(?) yards.

My point was that if 50% of the O-line (and ancillary blockers) had even bothered to make physical contact with ANYBODY (or even a rogue pigeon, as it were), then Johnny mightn’t have been running from pillar to post on that particular play. Scored a huge major anyway. Maybe “be smart kid” might’ve translated as “shoulda signed with a gamer team”, in that isolated context?
“Willingness to learn from expience”… and yet, Mike Reilly seems to have done ok with that… so far.


I’ve seen 99 percent of games Mike Reilly has played in the CFL and I’ve never seen him expose the back of his head diving EVER. I’ve seen JM do it twice in a month. Not sure what your talking about really.

I’ve said it all year, this offensive line is poorly coached.

how about every time he goes up the gut for 1 or 2 yards

I have seen Reilly not slide feet first when he needs the extra yards.

That drag was embarrassing especially when the announcers said he’s small maybe weighs 165 tops .

Cox lost some steam on that one .