Helmet to Helmet hits what is the CFL and CFLPA going to do?

Againg tonight we saw a late hit helmet to helmet hit on a defensless QB. You can have all the prevention and talk you want but if the league and the player association allow this to continue after tonights game, they have no credibility. They need to get together now and show they mean it. Before we see someone crippled and some wife or mother having to wipe the drool off her kid's mouth for the rest of his life. Its geting gruesome...

Agreed 100% HfxTc

Tonights hit on Jyles was brutal. Something has to be done.

It's kind of like the NHL and NHLPA. For some reason these player associations always take the side of the player committing these dangerous actions and never the side of the victim. Seems absurd. The victim is just as much part of the membership.

Why do these unions support dirty plays and dirty players. I totally agree with you HFxTC on this. The CFL has no real power besides the max fine of half a game cheque. If they give a suspension, the player can go to an arbitrator and likely get away with the infraction which is an embarrassment for the league (see AJ Gass).

It was a brutual hit but hardly the norm in the league. We don't have a "problem" like they did in the NHL.

They should go ahead and suspend him. With the shifting public attitude on this type of hit, the backlash against the PA for supporting dirty players over victims will help embarrass them into behaving properly.

It's kind of like the NHL and NHLPA. For some reason these player associations always take the side of the player committing these dangerous actions and never the side of the victim. Seems absurd. The victim is just as much part of the membership.
correct geroy.

The reason the CFLPA usually sides with the offending players, is that they do not want any suspensions whatsoever, regardless of the infraction because of loss of dues/commissions and setting precedents.

Money talks while morality walks. :frowning:

BTW, it was one of the most severe helmet to helmet hits in recent memory.
Jyles is fortunate he still has the ability to walk/talk after his head/neck snapped back in that manner.
Sears needs a heavy hand on this one.

It was horrific to say the least.

Jyles took two hits to the game, the helmet to helmet contact and the effect caused the back of his head to hit the ground hard. Those second impacts have been proven to be the most damaging to the brain. Was really disgusting to have to watch that.

yes HfxTC

Here is the TSN panel video segment where Shultzie and the rest of the panel decry the intentional head hit on Jyles.
(Shultzie also states that Sears should be kicked out of the league for that shot)


Unbelievably, Sears was not ejected from the game for that incident, it was a separate incident altogether. :? :?

Suspension for sure, no need for that in football, intent to injure.

The way Murray's crew mishandled the game last night I was not surprised he only got 15 yards for that hit. I know a suspension does no good because the player will appeal and (like AJ Gass) be playing the next week, but they should still suspend Sears. Whether or not it sticks the league needs to send a message that what he did was way beyond acceptable. Had he been going for a tackle he would have sailed over Jyles, instead he say him going down, led with his helmet and pointed his body at the turf to ensure contact. Worst cheap shot in the league in years.

jyles slid way too late, and now are we going to suspend every player who does that? Buck was hit like that this game too while sliding so id like a suspension there, for that matter, it happens every game to buck yet ive never seen a flag, not even a 5 yard penalty.

I agree with Dunigan that Jyles set himself up for it, but that was one of the most heinous hits I have ever seen. I get that sometimes it's hard to hold back for these guys who are just trying to make a play, but they absolutely MUST think on their feet. If they can't then they shouldn't be on the field. That was just horrible. I hope Jyles is going to be okay. When a QB takes off like that a defender must NEVER lead with the head. EVER.

Considering Gass has been retired for 4 years maybe it's time to get over it. Why not go way back and ressurect Angelo Mosca's hit on Willie Flemming?

A late slide doesn't mean you lower your helmet to try to hit him with it on the way down. Had he tried to do a shoulder tackle, he'd have gone past Jyles entirely (or maybe tripped over him).

Had he hit Jyles the way he was while Jyles was standing up, it would have been spearing. That's not legal either.

And as for AJ Gass... the hit itself isn't a big deal now, but the appeal BS is still the standard the league operates on and is perhaps the single worst incident of a discipline system failing in modern sports. So it's entirely relevant to the discussion.

That was a dirty hit and the guy should be suspended for the rest of the season.

There is no such thing as a "late slide". You know the QB will go for the first down marker and go down, head or feet first. Buck got hit in the chest and it should have also been called as a penalty for leaving his feet but Zero Sears hit Jyles while he was sitting on the turff. Sears was horizontal, off his feet and dove into Jyles helmet, head first. NO WAY that should have happened. Most guys in the CFL will wrap a QB and actually slow their fall down, some will just tap them as they slide to end the play. Sears got exactly the results he was looking for.

I can see it now, the year 2057, 50 years ago, A.J. Gass threw his helmet. Fans throughout the league are still outraged that he won his appeal. The appeal process needs to be reppealed. From now on players will be executed on the spot for throwing their helmet. :cowboy:

My bringing up Gass had nothing to do with that incident (and I believe it was for throwing his helmet if I remember correctly) but was an example of the difficulty the league has with handing out suspensions. Since that fiasco no one has been suspended in the league and I think the time is right with Sears vicious hit. I understand these guys can't stop themselves completely when the QB waits as long as he can but Sears very clearly was not going for a tackle but aimed to hit Jyles on the ground.

I would like to see the league amend the rule on the feet first slide. QB's are off limits as soon as they enter a slide so the ball should be placed where he leaves his feet to slide. Not only does the slide prevent them from being hit they get a free 1-3 yards from their slide. On average I would guess a yard and a half and the defense has no way to prevent that without taking a penalty. You want that yard go head first and pay the price, you don't want to be hit you shouldn't get free yardage.