Helmet stripes

A total first world issue here... but those wide stripes on the alt helmets are often filled with ugly and very unprofessional looking bubbles. Holley's had at least 5-6. At least 1/3 of the players had messed up stripes.

Please... get the stripe right, or remove it altogether.

Did the equipment guys not get their pay or something, and this was their form of protest?

If your concern is helmet stripe bubbles, then are you really there for the football? If you can't go 3-4 hours without seeing those bubbles scream down your eye sockets... then I suppose there is no hope for you.

How about this... take a Xanax pill before and/or after the game at home.

Not gonna lie, I noticed it.
Not sure why people cant just ignore threads they don't want to participate in.

C’mon heapbag. We often criticize CFF for name calling and not playing nicely in the playground by not respecting others etc. He IS entitled to his opinion.





Anything that makes the team or league look second-rate bothers me. Maybe I shouldn't care but I don't want to give any ammunition to those Canadians who follow the NFL and look down their noses at the CFL.

The bubble thing is easy to fix with a pin and a blow-dryer. Maybe the hot weather had something to do with it.

I don't think there is anything to worry about re making the CFL look second rate vs the NFL


Though NFL supporters/CFL bashers would like to ignore or dismiss such scandals... along with all the other numerous negative NFL incidents.

Amen to that brother! When a player takes a gang of lawyers, a big bag of money, and a judge to ignore his suspension from the league commish, the entire league is a farce!

Of course when the Commish oversees BOTH the original discipline process AND the appeal process that is asking for a legal challenge.

I certainly didn't notice the bubbles in the stripes but I DO notice how marked-up the D and O-line helmets are by the end of the game and wonder how much effort it takes to get them all nice and shiny again.

Of course, the biggest farce is that all the focus was on the process, not on whether-or-not the he was involved on tampering with the footballs OR the cover-up afterwards...

Off topic but I noticed players not getting good footing during the game. A lot of stuff kept flying up off the turf. Collaros lost his footing a few times and of course there was Tolliver losing an edge at one point.

The "stuff flying up" is little rubber pellets that get liberally sprinkled all through the artificial turf in order to help with drainage and to provide more cushioning. Pretty much every artificial field I have seen now uses a similar process, and the pellets are made from recycled tires, to boot. The slipperiness could be because of the high heat and humidity making the turf a little slick.

I don't really care, but it's a geometry problem. The wide stripe stickers are cut from a flat sheet, and are being spread over a curved surface. With typical narrow stripes, it's not an issue because the narrow width means one axis of the sticker stays relatively flat, and it only has a significant curve in the front-to-back direction. But the wide stripe has to curve both front-to-back and side-to-side. The way around it would be to stretch the sticker slightly as it's applied, to even out the distortions to conform to the flat surface, but that's a pain in the ass. Try covering one side of an apple with a 3x3 inch square cut from a bumper sticker to understand the effect.

And because of the "stretch" necessary to get the flat stickers to conform to the curved surface, a sticker that appears to have been applied flawlessly may later contract back to it's original shape, resulting in "puckering" at the edges. That puckering could also result from contact on the helmets during the game.

The most robust solution would be to paint the designs on instead of using stickers, but that's kind of pointless for a design that is only used a couple of times per year.

What I don't understand is why they are even allowed to walk on the field looking like that. I could see if this was some semi-pro league, but it's not.

Any reputable equipment manager wouldn't tolerate such sloppiness, and it's not like this is a new issue. They have had those horrible bubbles every time they have been worn.

Have some pride in the way the team looks! How could no stripe at all possibly look worse? The Ticat logo on one side is quite large, and almost touches the stripe on the top.

Also, the stripe is so wide on the front and top that it blocks the ventilation holes on some helmet designs.

Also, re: stickers vs. painting:

I have no idea how equipment managers in the CFL maintain helmets, but considering how marred helmets can get over the course of games, it seems that helmets with a solid base color and covered with stickers would be the simplest and most cost-effective approach for maintaining a supply of TV-ready helmets for game days.

The alt Calgary helmets they wore yesterday are obviously painted, and they look great.

Also, none of the other stickers or stripes on CFL helmets get bubbles like those alt Ticat ones. Most stickers they use look good, but not that dark gun metal stripe.

I’m more interested in helmets being safe than how pretty they look.

I assume it's a generic factory two-tone finish, then the Stamps details (e.g. the chrome horse) are stickers. Anyone know for sure?

I agree. I’d bet Andy Fantuz does too.

It's interesting what a wide range of mass-produced helmet finishes are available retail nowadays.

Schutt does a mass-produced "wide stripe" design, but I don't think it's tapered like the Ticat alternate uniform (though that should be easy for them).

[url=http://www.schuttsports.com/aspx/sport/ProductCatalog.aspx?id=1379]http://www.schuttsports.com/aspx/sport/ ... px?id=1379[/url]

I have no idea what sort of relationship the CFL maintains with suppliers like Schutt and Riddell. With only 8 teams and comparatively low revenue, I can't imagine the CFL goes through as many helmets per year as the NCAA or NFL.