Helmet Question

The Cats wore a stylized helmet for the 2006 Labor Day classic that was signed and auctioned off after the game. If I remember right, many fans liked the different look at the time. Talking with some friends over a beer last night we were wondering if anyone would want to see this helmet used again, say, for home or away games. Nothing wrong with our present lids but with a new facility, maybe a new look?????
Check the link below for those of you who don't remember.


Absolutely not!

Those helmets were and still are hideous... keep what we have, but go back to the original logo!

I actually liked the 2006 LDC special buckets! They were a very cool change! I'm definitely all for them being incorporated in the future for a one off game, but not as sure about making the white helmet the main one for next season or an entire season for that matter.

I like what the Riders & Stamps do with their "white" or "Away" colours. Riders with the white, storm trooper, melon covers and Calgary with the black lids.

Perhaps Hamilton could do something like that?

I have to agree with you Fenderguy the 2006 helmets are really different from what the team has worn in the past. I purchased a large white Bike Helmet from the defunk XFL period and purchased the 2006 decals from a guy in Calgary. They are in my man cave beside a MAC and three other replica game helmets and three game signed helmets, Devonte Bolden # 90, Albert Smith # 92 and Chris Bauman # 87. I also have a game replica Ridell Revolution 2012 style helmet - new logo, no yellow stripe and the offical 100 th Grey Gup helmet decal that sits on my desk at work.


Get an all new one, or use the old traditional yellow helmet with the white and black stripes





Hamilton minor football is using it now


The only way a white would ever work is with a setup like this. I'm not a fan of white, but with stripes it CAN look OK.

The logo on the 2006 lid was cr*p! Absolutely terrible. I'm glad it and the standing kitty logo have been taken to the pound!

The Ti-cats should NEVER use white helmets again. If they were ever to use 2 different colour helmets, then use the old school gold(yellow) ones. I still think the current black ones need a yellow (gold) stripe on them, it would look better with the whole uniform. I'd say to use the (yellow)gold one for home games (with the gold pants), and use the black ones for away games (with either the black or white pants). Of course the Ti-cats would never do that as then they would never be able to do the all black look at home (some people still think it's the '90s) :roll:

Nah, don't like the usual logo on the white helmet.

The other logo on the white helmet might work for me if the streaky, left side of it was redone somehow.



60's-70's era gold helmets with today's jerseys

How about these unis

My vote goes for the old traditional yellow,black stripe helmet version last used in the 1985 season.Complete with old logo.

Yep, me too. And get rid of the black pants and go back to gold.

Captain, you're too much!! Love the padding though and the rest of your pics. :thup:


Warning - Here's another of my lame history lessons:
In the '80s, the Buffalo Bills switched from their white helmets to red. The urban (probably untrue) legend was that with every American Division East team wearing white helmets those days, by the Bills switching to red, Joe Ferguson could see his receivers downfield easier and it would cut down on his interceptions.
So with the RedBlacks maybe wearing traditional Ottawa black and the Stamps now in black, the Cats have an on-field reason to wear gold lids next year.

^ Lame?

No way! That's awesome! I love it!

I like it!

That gold/yellow colour is little off. Tweak it to the old yellow, then yeah, they'd be great!

Or...just stick with the black helmets, or maybe put a single yellow stripe on them.

I like the helmet that Burris is wearing pictured above. I would reduce the width of the black and white stripes and the team has a winner.

how about combining the black with the gold of the 70's. like the jaguars are doing.