Helmet giveaway - anyone selling them?

just wondering if anyone is selling any of the helmets that were given away at the last home game? i'm a little shocked there havent been any pop up on ebay already

I'm with you...if anyone IS looking to part with one of them, well...

I don't have a helmet, but I do have a interesting collector's item that sums up the past few seasons. I have an autographed "barf-bag" from a Westjet flight from Edmonton to Hamilton. Some of the signatures are: Lumsden, Cody, McKay, Bauman, Moreno, Chang to name a few. Maas and Holmes were not on the flight. Anyways, interesting trades welcome. PM me if your interested. I'll try to get a pic up soon.

does anyone have bradleys helmet? if not might be intrested in a few others.

there has to be some people that got these at the game that dont really care about them