Helmet Biding Staring at $239.00

I was looking at Auction for Today Helmets
starting a $239.00

Thought I'd start a Prediction Thread:

Who Helmet goes for Most ?
Who's goes for the Least..?

I am staying Hitches gose the Highest
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I am thinking Philip Gauthier will be the Cheepest..

I think hitchcock will go for the most, and arnold parker will be the cheapest… 239$ is a high starting price, you gotta be rich to buy one of these… :?

thats crazy! for the teams sake i hope they do well today because if they dont i dont know how many people are goin to pay that much for them.

i was thinking about getting bradleys helmet because i jus got his yellow jersey the other wekk but not for the price there guanna go for

I'll start bidding when they decide to leave the heads in them.

An Argo fan

i was just looking at the helmets but they also have a ton of other amazing stuff up for bid.

Guess the regular folk won’t have a hope in Hell in getting one of these. Just like the Jerseys. And we are the ones who have been around forever through thick and thin.

I see they have 15 team autographed helmets but there is no ID number associated to them, so how can you bid on them????????????????

Does anyone else find it weird (and a little disturbing)that the team is finding it necessary to sell items like tires?

Old merchandise I can see but are we actually this cash strapped that stuff like the Damon Allen football couldn't go to a charity instead of lining someones pocket?

I'm starting to get worried about the destination of the food from today's food drive. :wink:

Seriously the thought that this team has someone out getting autographs on sports items so they can make money seems like a weak represenatation from the team.

I am a regular person and I bought a jersey and I will get a helmet as well. And yes, I have been around forever through thick and thin as a season ticket holder. So quit your whining.

ALL the proceeds go to Charity. All to the Literacy and youth participation programs, No persons pockets are getting lined by this

The money raised from this is going to a ticat charity of their choice dealing with youths and literacy (boy I hope I spelled that right)

To quote the team "support of the Ticats Literacy and Youth Participation Programs.

That should be a part of the listing NOT a page on ticats.ca.

Almost all charity auctions on Ebay are given special status and listing discounts if they're listed as charity auctions.
Not to mention a lot more bids can be taken if each listing names a specific charity.

The person doing the auctions should have checked it out more thoroughly, but with only 68 positives they have a lot to learn. (3000+ here)