Helloooo Brad Banks!!!


KJ ain't workin' at the moment. Not that we don't want him to suceed but what about Brad Banks? Why have we not seen him on the field yet?

And this is what needs to be done for Joseph to get some success...

  1. Run the ball on his own.

  2. 2Xmores roll out options.

  3. Establishing the run.

Sounds simple, why is it not working?

Not sure what is goin' on in Gadeville....seems like the team has lost a whole ton of confidence. They simple packed it in against Calgary halfway through the game, even when it was still close.

Unless they make some changes and get a win soon, they're toast.

I agree, get Banks in there. Or JC Watts. Anyone!

There is nothing wrong with Joseph. Dont know why people keep dumping everything on his shoulders. The guy has been scrambling for his life all season, and sure, i'll admit he hasn't been playing well, but he hasn't had the protection that a quarterback needs to suceed. I was watching Alex Gauthier the other night, and it's a shame that the Gades lost him, because he's really good. I don't mind giving Banks a shot, but i just don't like how everyone is giving joseph all the trouble.

Gades, once again I agree with you.

I don't think Joseph should loose his job to Banks, I'm just thinking that they should put him in the games when the Gades are behind... And lately it's been often.

It's hard for a team to rely solely on the passing game. The running game hasn't been working not because Josh Ranek hasn't been playing well at all, but because are O-line isn't able to make any holes in the d-line. Also, if any of you remember the fist half against BC i believe (two weeks ago, I think), we were doing a bunch of different, creative plays. And they work, we got the other team off balance. But as soon as we came back to our old selves (making ranek punch through the middle), we lost all our momentum. So, I think whether we put KJ or BB, I do't think it'll make a difference.

In the CFL the running game works because of the threat of the passing game and vice versa...

The minute a team falls behind in the score... they have to rely more on the passing game... This is the blueprint of the problems with Ottawa.

Defence can then go after the qb and pressure his throws.

Joseph is a phenomenal talent, it all started going bad when glieberman and gregg started opening their mouth about bringing in Palmer, Akili Smith, Tim Couch, Ryan Leaf etc

I think it pissed Joseph off, and he and the team lost their focus. Nowhere else in the league do you see this kind of BS going on where the mgmt is undermining the starting qb, at least no where thats winning !!!