New user,long time reader. Season ticket holder

Just wanted to say hi,

Looking forward to next season even if there is some traveling involved..

Excited about the new stadium and it would be great if we can field a winning team to break it in..

Fears going forward.. QB, Burris hes getting up there and may need a replacement by time we kick off the new barn.

I'd mention defence as a fear but I think it's a given we won't have one. Sadly

Ps anyone got any good grey cup stories from Sunday.. I sat up in Sec 539(big mistake afraid of heights) and was mauled by Argos fans all night.. They're very touchy feely folk.. It was pretty strange, they mostly talked about how great IW and our fans are. Horrible game, Glenn was a no show BIG surprise. I left before that team hoisted the cup, I was already nauseous from the height (and Beiber) so seeing that would've brought on exorcist type vomiting

Oski wee wee

I thought it was ok.

Not great, and not horrible.

Terrific performances by Kackert and the Argos' defense, especially in shutting down Cornish.

I was also at the game, and in the nosebleeds (sec 514) and I thought the game experience was terrible. I am a fan of the GAME, not so much of the EXPERIENCE and I found it very difficult to watch the GAME as there were far too many interruptions in play. Commercials, presentations, TV time outs. Very tough to watch and I can only imagine terrible for the players. And, if the game starts at 6:40, why print the tickets with a 6:00 pm start time?

Other than those problems, it was a great time. Game, not so great. Any Arghblows win is just bad.

Yeah, commercials and all the pregame stuff is unfortunately all part of the gig, not that the pregame stuff with Johnny Reid and ceremonial kickoff etc. is that unwarranted but man, you just want to watch some football. But just being there for the GC in it's 100th year now was awesome for this moment, despite me cheering for the Stamps to win, which didn't happen, and despite the RC which I'm not a fan of wherever you sit there. At least in the nosebleeds in the 500 level where I was you don't have any heads in front of you because of the steepness of the seating.

But you have to give credit to the Argos especially their defence but Ricky Ray and the offence took what the Stamps gave them, patient. Not exciting in the sense of long td passes but more chesslike and workmanlike, which can produce a win and that's what you want of course. We'll take some not so excitement type games here in Hamilton if we win, I think we'd all be very happy with that. :wink:

Reminded me of watching NFL games live. They, and the Grey Cup, are more TV products, than a "gate" product. You gotta be either patient, or drunk. I know exactly what your'e saying.

Yet another reason to enjoy a regular CFL game: Its pace.

maybe it was but i was too bummed to notice… that team winning blinded me.


I know what you mean. It wasn't easy wearing last place colours there (again!)

i definitely dont like being last place but i still strut the colours proudly,if you can call holding onto the railings for dear life "struting" that is lol.. never again will i sit up there..

1 spent 8 hours in that city on sunday, which in my opinion, no one should have to be subjected to. Im still recovering from having my soul eaten.. anyone know how long it takes for a sould to grow back?

Not sure about how long it takes a soul to grow back ryan but I've heard that a drink or two and a good steak sometimes can at least make people feel good anyways. :wink:

Spent 3 fanatstic days there wearing my TiCat gear, giving it to the Argos fans all 3 days. I love that city. Hated that win.

I have a love/hate thing on for the city of Toronto, maybe that's one reason that is contributing to my manic depressive type behaviour from time to time. :o :wink: