which play was the ref watching at the agro game........and he had a second chance to see it .......Hey MORON he caught the f...ing ball.....
it was the same call at hamilton "no evidence he caught the ball" what????? what is he watching......man this league sucks guess what.....see yu next year cause the cfl has already picked who won ....bush

Well it got even worse in the Toronto Calgary game . Your right , it is almost like they have a team picked to win the games .

That was suggested on the Calgary radio station after the game.

The Lions didn't exactly need help from the refs to win this game. But you're right, both those calls were pretty blatantly wrong.

And there was a facemask on a Levingston kick return that couldn't have been more obvious if the guy had ended up with Bashir's severed head in his hand, but it wasn't called. A subsequent grab of Burris' facemask was slightly less obvious and also not penalized.

There were also two blocks in the back on the blue teams interception for a TD that were not called.

As a football fan who cared little about the final outcome, I felt cheated :frowning: