Greetings to everyone on this fine Saturday afternoon.
I can’t stay on long because the wife and I are entertaining some guests today, but I just wanted to drop a HUGE thank you to “hellothere”. I know that it takes alot of effort to watch a game as well as typing the play by play for everyone to enjoy if they can’t see that game at that time.
I know for me, it was a big help to find out who won regarding the Ott.-B.C. contest.
It is so easy for anyone to just sit in front of their T.V. and enjoy whatever game they are watching and talk about it the next day.
But someone like “hellothere” needs a round of applause because TSN did not show the Ott.-B.C. game and for Americans like myself, having hellothere do all that work to keep us informed, is definitely my defenition, of ABOVE AND BEYOND, and for that I thank you.

Yes he is very good at this and a big thanks to him. The games are telecast on Comcast in the USA.

I have DIERCTV with the “multi-sport pac” and I do see my fair share of CFL games, but they just don’t carry all of them, and hellothere really helps out in a situation like that.

Three chrees for HT, my partner in crime! HIP HIP HOORAY!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!! :smiley:

So who is your favorite CFL team or do you just like football?

I do love Canadian Football, and my fav. team is Montreal. But…I absolutely LOVE a close game that goes down to the wire no matter who wins.

THANK YOU …and I do get some great comments from you…during the game…AND…K.K=…B.B…hepls allot as , well…

that musical triva , was price less… :lol:

I had 2 many pops during the MONTREAL/EDMONTON [I hope you got to see that one] , game…so the OTTAWA’/B.C. coverage wasn’t great…

AND TONIGHT , I am going the the GAME at the R.C [SASK. vs. ARGOS]…and I don’t have a lap top. SORRY…but when I get home I will write alittle stats thing…for ya!

We will be back next week…CHEERS and ENJOY your party…the ARGOS vs. @ THE ALS , is coming soon to a screen near you. :wink: :smiley:

I will not be online for the beggining of the Argos game tonight cuz I have dinner with my dad, but I be back ASAIC! :wink:

geo…look at …the thread “Sask. / Toronto game” , thread…for more game info.