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I am a long time CFL fan, but new to this site. Thanks to all that maintain this site allowing fans around the world to find a common place to get together. I will keep this post short.

Great looking new stadium in Regina, CONGRATZ. Now if only Calgary can get it together and build a new stadium that would go a long way to giving the league more credibility overall. Where exactly are negotiations there? Last I heard CalgaryNext got tossed.

Would love to hear some comments on my blog on CFL football bashing. Anytime you are on a forum somewhere and there is some guy talking trash about this league feel free to link them to my page. Since I can not post URL's to my blog you can find the address attached to my profile. From the home page it will be easy to find.


Please stay away from "CFL football bashing" or many will assume you are trolling. Otherwise, welcome and have fun.

Hi thanks for the welcome. I am not the doing the bashing. My blog is aimed at defending this league from the usual nonsense that no doubt comes anytime I read a positive CFL article.

Nice to hear from you.

BTW, we have it together just fine here in Calgary without advice from others.

Thanks for the greeting. I am not trying to slam Calgarians or anything. But I think new/updated stadiums are vital to the success of the league long term. Looking at the new stadium in Regina to me that is the new benchmark of stadiums. Every other other team has at least made significant updates to their stadiums. It would be nice to see Calgary take that step next. I was following the CalgaryNext thing hoping it would happen but last I heard that was scrapped.

Understood, thanks for being clear.
Thanks for being a caring and loyal fan of the CFL.

Yes it was scrapped.

Calgary Sports Corp ( Flames, Stamps , Roughnecks , Hitmen ) wanted a 2 in 1 building and picked the location that they felt suited their needs.

However, as the plan moved FWD, it was discovered that the land was a major toxic contamination.
That location would cost to much to clean , so out it goes.

The battle now is, the Flames are asking for a new arena at the current location of the Saddledome.
Without talk of a stadium for the Stamps .
Flames are suggesting " fine, scrap the stadium and build the arena at least "

The Mayor is saying there will be no tax dollars allocated to either.
Although I do not like him, I agree with him.

Further, there is near to zero talk about it.
We are very close to a civic election , and no official hoping for re-election will touch the subject.
No matter what side any take, one group on the other side of the fence will be pissed off.

If there is going to be a new stadium, it is a long way off.

Thanks for the update. That said I think that not putting any tax dollars into upgrading the stadiums is a little bit unrealistic. I know that Calgary has some economic issues but there is so much to gain by building a "CalgaryNext" like project. The flames and stamps create quite a few jobs and pay quite a few tax dollars. Not to mention that from what I have heard many concerts will skip Calgary because the Saddledome is not viable. I mean I am not going to the extent that Burke did in his little conference but he did have solid points. I mean if Edmonton can build a new arena and update Commenwealth one would think Calgary can find a solution.

Very true. Many big name acts do not come to Calgary because these fancy stages they build now do not fit inside the dome because of the roof. When they built it, I thought it looked stupid anyway.

If the project does go ahead, it would give a lot of much needed work for contractors. ( construction , plumbers, ........)

However, as I pointed out, nothing will be decided before the election.

BTW, where are you located , and what team do you cheer for ?

I am located in Ontario. I do not have a "favorite" team, but if someone were to hold a gun to my head and say pick your team I suppose I would pick Ottawa. I however want to see the league thrive and being in Ontario all I see are trolls and negative comments about this league. That would be one of the reasons I wrote the blog that I refer to in the original post of this thread. If you lookup my webpage and read the blog I think you will enjoy it.

Bashing just means people are jealous of the CFL. :smiley:

Also, when some Canadians say they don't understand the rules of the game and don't "get" Canadian football and the CFL and have no interest, remember they don't watch the games and get into it like we do. Also, they aren't true football fans because true fans love gridiron, 3 or 4 down game. Even my wife can figure out most of the rule differences between American and Canadian football when she watches and understands the different setups and strategies, well many anyways like how field position is more important on the bigger field for example. And she is anything but a rocket scientist. Like myself. Mind you, she is pretty good at math so is probably smarter than the average Canadian who can't quite "get" the CFL rules. She can understand that 12 men on the field is one more than 11 and added up equals 24 compared with 22. That's not always easy for some to be able to comprehend. Oh, and she also gets that one foot in bounds for a catch means you don't need 2 feet in bounds for a catch. Again, that can be problematic for some people. Ok, I better add one more complexity of the Canadian game my wife gets. She understands, amazingly, that only 3 downs to get a first down are allowed in the Canadian game but the American game makes it easier allowing 4 downs to get a first down. I better add a second smiley I think for that one. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Ray. Lets get the 2/3 badly needed stadiums built down east for CFL play first.
Then worry about Calgary stadium or not!!!! Still works today as a great place to watch a game. Coarse Burke is going to cry out. Build or move. Owners need more money in their pocket. So do I. That's why he's paid BIG BUCKS. Major update needed down the line
Was updated a bit 10 years ago. Most Calgarians think its fine.
Note: Flames and Stamps pay VERY LITTLE taxes.

Hello Aerial. Rule differences are not the biggest reason most people tend to put the CFL down. It has more to do with the size of the league, the "money" is does not have compared to the NFL (player contracts, TV rights, quality of stadiums), and the perceived lack of quality of player. While I address a few rules that get slammed most often, my concerns I highlight are more of the ones I mention here. Other than one comment about gambling I try not to put down the intelligence of the avid NFL fan. All that does is shut down there open-mindedness and we end up in a circle of useless arguments (like Mayweather and Macgregor).

#whataboutkaren!!! Poor lady lost a million bucks on a crappy call.

Hello Brian.

The stadiums out east have already been updated. I am not sure what you mean by your post. Perhaps Montreal could use a new stadium but they have at least made quite a few upgrades to Molson stadium. Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton are good to go.

I am fine with McMahon.

I stated this before, it is like a person with an older car that still works fine.

Yet all your neighbours , have new cars and look at you and say, " why do you not have a NEW one.
" because, although it is older, it still works. " why pay money for a new one.?

Even myself , I tell all my family , friends and co-workers when they ask " hey Brian, why do you not have a smart phone like us ? "
I say " because my flip cell works fine "

Hey Ray , welcome to the forum . I'm not sure if you're aware of this or not but just so you know you can post the link to your CFL blog in your signature , that way any other posters can link to it any time you post on these forms without having to go to your profile page . By the way I took the time to read your Blog , nicely done , keep up the good work .

For those interested here's the link to Raymark's football blog :


Cheers and once again Welcome aboard :smiley: :rockin:

Haha @ flip cell. You and me are old school. I thought that too once, until I did upgrade my cell phone. Now, I will never go back to a flip phone. Same can be said of stadiums. While you might be good with it the youth in Calgary may
or may not agree. I guarantee if a new stadium does get built 99% of you would enjoy what it offers and would not believe that you watched games at the old stadium. I remember when Skydome was first built how much I was like thank god over Exhibition stadium.

Thanks for posting the link to my blog site. I did not know I could post the sit on my footer. I will look into it eventually, but since you did it here there no rush. Glad you enjoyed the read.

Good to see a new poster that isn't bogged down in negativity.

As for calgary stadium, when I lived in Calgary, I had season tickets and a group of us tailgated.

Calgary has great site lines. I never had any issues while at the games.

I guess there may be a chance for a new one in 10 years if Calgary bids and gets the winter olympics.

First, I was old school before old school became old . :smiley:

Another thing to consider is the winter olympic bid.
That might have something to do with it IF Calgary bids and / or wins.

Further, the debate can go on about new stadiums.

The question must be asked ,

Is it worth the cost for a building that will be used 12 days out of the year ?

Perhaps if the football stadium was in a different area of the city, they might be able to hold more events there.

Calgary's noise bylaw officers, when I lived in Calgary, were almost fanatical in the area around the stadium.
This is the city who sent bylaw officers to ticket the performer who was entertaining post Grey Cup game. Thankfully the Grey Cup committee paid for the ticket, not the entertainer.

Well first off nothing says that the stadium can not be used more than 12 days a year. Depending on how they build it, it could also be used to be the home of other teams in the city (MLS? Dinos?). They can also use it for large concerts in the summer. Calgary is also a place where lots of olympic athetes train, so you can also build some training facilities into a new stadium, But assuming that you use it for stamps games only, my answer would still be yes. That of course is just me! I am sure Riders fans and Bombers fans are enjoying the new stadiums usage, but i could be wrong. Maybe its worth asking them if they like the new stadiums or would rather sit at old mosaic etc,