Hello... hello, Eskimo fans...

...Where are you?

I thought Edmonton was supposed to be the City of Champions. I hardly see any Eskimos fans. It seems like it's just Kristian, oilerrocker, and myself.

Where is everyone? Only the Argonauts board has fewer posts than us... :?

I've found the majority of the diehard Eskimo fans have congregated here:


I joined myself when I came across it, some of its members have made the news in the past, and a few former/current players (inc. Mobley and Kamau Peterson) have posted there recently. I wish more of them would at least join in the discussion on the main CFL talk forum, but doubtless they probably prefer their own board (fans of other teams post there regularly as well in small numbers).

Anyway, apparently there were 40,300 of us fans at Commonwealth tonight (and about 51 bomber fans to make up the spare change i suppose :smiley: ). The crowd in the chairs didn't look that big, but one always has to factor in people wandering around the stadium, those who stand on either end of the concourse and watch from the endzone perspective all evening, those on field level for the tailgating, possibly paid season ticket holders who didn't make it, etc.

Hello Edmonton,

Congradulations on your win last night. I hope LaRose recovers quickly. That was most unfortunate and surely put a damper on celebrations by Edmonton fans.

Take care and hope we win next time.

Thanks for the kind words, your team sure looked good to start though, I must say.

I was using the restrooms at Commonwealth when the injury took place, would you happen to know any details about his injury and what happened on the play?

KristjanCFL Re Larose.

I do not have any information other than what little has been said by the media. I looked for information in the Edmonton and Winnipeg Sun but nothing was mentioned on how it happend other than he was hit. TSN showed him being attended to but not the replay. I was listening to the game being broadcast by the local radio station CJOB so I didn't see what happend. They have shown broken legs before and I don't know what is different about this one. My guess is a bone broke throught the skin and uniform. It must have been very painfull for LaRose because the tibula/fibula are the biggest bones in the body.

There was no penalty on the play that I am aware of and I haven't heard any talk about a penalty. It is strange indeed. The obvious conclusion is that he was hit by a Bomber but maybe there was some sort of freak collision between LaRose and another Edmonton player.

Perhaps more will be said as time goes on.

Yeah, the league and media have been pretty hush hush. TSN is saying it's a broken tibia, and possibly a broken fibula. But that was reported a couple days ago. I haven't seen anything new yet. Regardless, I think it's safe to assume his season is done.

Hey chief I've been away for a few days but im back . I did get to watch the Game, The Esks started slow but came to form in the 2nd quarter, I havn't seen that for a while but it was sure nice to see. Also nice to see that cooler heads pevailed and Doug Brown showed alot of class in the last quarter when he could have burried Ray but chose to just knock him down. Even though I still think Machoaka and the Knuckleheads should be canned I guess we need to ride them out for the rest of the season.

Cornesks (Rormally RNR) used to be around, don't know where he went. Supertoe was a mod and a regular Eskie fan too.

There's a chance corny might have been given the boot. But don't quote me. :lol: Seems like I joined the forum at the wrong time. This place is a ghost town most days.

Hello Chief,

This is not exactly football related but I see you are from London. I worked for Emco in Toronto from 1969 - 1973. As you are aware, Emco has their head office in London.

Hope the London Knights have a good season.

Hello Eskie fans!

I think the majority floating around online hit up Esksfans.com and there are some more over on 13thman.com

I'm a new/old timer here. Posted on the old, old CFL boards back in the mid-90s and went searching for more places to talk football.