Hello, hello Bombers fans...

...Where are you? Did you guys just decide to throw in the towel and head to the golf courses early? I hope your team at least shows up. I wouldn't want to win because they hid in the lockerroom. I'd rather knock them around for 60 minutes.

Isn't there a thread for this already? You're sounding pretty confident all of a sudden....

I believe there is, but I thought I would create another for the hell of it. Can never have too much trash talk... especially since our game has been completely overshadowed by the Western game.

Ah they do not seem interested they know they own the Eskimos. LOL Just so I do not jinx the bombers.

Go Eskimos Go we want an all Alberta Grey Cup!

Hey, it's nice to see you talking up your team!

ya its easy to knock around a team when you chea shot their quarter back. i hope my defence rips ricky in half.

Most Winterpeg fans are already hibernating. They have eaten as many berries and fish as possible to build up fat. You won't see them again until the thaw sometime around June. :stuck_out_tongue:

We need to get a rivalry going. It's like this game isn't even happening this weekend. Personally, I'm glad we're facing the Bombers. I'm kind of tired of the B.C.-Sask rivalry. At least this rivalry is new for the playoffs, and with the heated back-to-back we had, there should be more intensity. I'm not sure where the Bombers fans are. Maybe Retrievil was right and they have already begun to hibernate. :stuck_out_tongue:

Protect your QB better and maybe that wouldn't happen... :stuck_out_tongue:

Chief you know I'm here and not going away!

Are you making it out to the game this weekend?

Other than you Chief, I don't see any other eskies fans joining in, maybe they are all hebernating too. LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, no. Air travel is too expensive. I should have planned ahead, but then, I didn't know we'd end up out East. So I'll have to settle for watching it on TV.

You're right, Stallion, neither side is really represented. Where is everyone...? :?

Looking Machochia in the trunk of a car and taking him for a long ride????? Watching their beloved Oilers loose another game??? Driving to Regina to watch a good football game???
Just Kidding! :smiley:

Hey, this is going to be a good year for the Oilers, I can feel it! :smiley:

But I hope you're right about Danny M. That's the only the way we'd ever be able to get rid of him...

That could very easilly happen.

Where are all those Bomber fans? I would have thought they would have sold out by now.

It will sellout but it will be a slow drawn out process lol. Looks like snow on Saturday, guess I'll have to drink more beer to keep extra warm :smiley:

I'd take him straight up for one swervinmervin. (just kidding swervin I couldn't even do that.) :lol: :rockin: :cowboy:
Still joking.

Won't it be noon over there... ? :lol:

shouldnlt have to protect my qb after he releases the ball 3 steps before contact. and the bomber oline ahs done a pretty fine job this season preventing sacks


Little early to be breaking out the alcohol, no...? :lol: