Hello Grey Cup? Where is the Hype?

It will sellout, but that’s not the point.

ITs a small stadium configuration which should have sold out by Labour Day.

I highlighted the main points of your post R&W. ;D

It will sell out.

That’s true.

With the cost of tickets, airfare, accommodations and spending money, it’s really tough to justify a trip to the Grey Cup. I’d be looking at spending $2000 easy. Tough to put that money down before you know if your team is even going to be playing.

Well the CFL Board of Govenors, Commish and TSN/Bell. Focus this week was on the Canadian player draft for Mexican Football league instead of GC.
Makes noooo sense

It’s not cheap that’s for sure.

Well. The Stamps snuck into the Western semi final as the home team.
The Riders also slid into 1st place in the West with a home West Final.
Better late than never.
Bur this should REALLY now peak the interest in sask & Calgary.
As well a Bombers victory & a Edm victory in next weeks semis will begin to peak more interest in the Prairie division teams.

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Thanks, Grover ;D
Oskee wee wee!! 15-3!!

I think the lack of hype is due to a few things.

The injuries to starting quarterbacks deflated things quite a bit. Nichols, Harris, Mitchell, and Masoli all hurt.

Player movement played a part. The exodus in Ottawa and turnover in Edmonton seemed like a lot.

Playoff standings have been basically set for a month. It was expected that Winnipeg and Edmonton would see no movement, and they didn’t. Hamilton and Montreal clinched three weeks ago. The only variable was Calgary and Saskatchewan and that was just to finish 1st and 2nd. There was no intensity over who would even be in the playoffs as BC, Toronto, and Ottawa were all hot garbage.

The Grey Cup itself has started to morph into less of a spectacle. The first Grey Cup I attended was in Montreal in 2008 where there were 66,000 people there. The CFL seems content to just gouge their fans and seat about 36,000. I want to go to the Grey Cup in Hamilton, but the crowd size seems pretty pedestrian and prices are high (although the concept looks cool). Isn’t Saskatchewan also only planning to seat around 36,000? In that beauty of a stadium? It’s such a shame that they aren’t more focused on packing the thing.

Perception is huge. If the perception is that barely anyone goes to games, people won’t want to go (more as it relates to regular season games).

That picture is awesome, Grover, haha.

Organizers’ dream = Calgary vs Edmonton Grey Cup

Organizers’ nightmare = Winnipeg vs Montreal (or Hamilton) Grey Cup

Bombers will bring some travelling hardcores for sure, but they won’t sell as many tickets if the Stamps or Riders aren’t in it.

Yes. I agree from around that 2008 GC in Montreal in the Big O. It was indoors. Montreal is one of the 3 major cities in Canada with easy access & plenty of lodging it was an Olympic city afterall.
Similiar to the 2012 GC indoors at Rogers Center in Toronto. Sell out galore.
Vanier Cup between Mac & Laval alone had 30k plus
BC place is one of the best indoor football / Soccer stadiums in the world.
The Fifa Womens World Cup. Was a packed house.
It is also an Olympic city easy aceess plenty of lodging.
People need easy access and warmth. The last several GCs being outside in tge sub below temps. Id rather watch at a party at home on the big screen.

…don’t count out bomber fan hiding in the local bushes…there’s plenty around these here parts to shake a stick at, they’re just not quite as obvious as their cousins from the hard to spell easy to draw province…

…on the drive in to work this morning I saw the MASSIVE indoor tailgate tent being erected on the east side of McMahon…this thing is the length of a CFL field (from goal line to goal line) and near as wide…complete with a stage for bands it will be used for indoor tailgating in case the weather is terrible but it looks like one end can be opened to face the outdoor parking lot dedicated to tailgating…this is probably the biggest tent I’ve ever seen in town, and during Stampede week this city sees a lot of giant tents popping up here and there…

that’s awesome!!!

Hamilton is going to need to come up with something similar…

I don’t know how we are going to put together the “village” in the area around the stadium.

That’s awesome.