Hello Grey Cup? Where is the Hype?

It used to be that the Grey Cup bred excitement across the country, especially come November.

Is it just me? Or is there no hype, no promotion, is the CFL turning a loved long tradition into Bush League status?

The game is not even sold out for a 36,000 seat stadium.


I remember not too long ago the game sold out by August in a 50,000 seats stadium.

My have times changed (and not for the better)

we know why this is.

unfortunately it is treated like the pink elephant in the room.

the aging fanbase will continue to move towards watching games from their warm couch.

until we turn this around, gate attendance will continue to drop.

It’s just because it isn’t even November yet. Once the playoffs start, it’ll sell out

I thought Calgarians were proud of being CFL fans…


Are ticket prices at all reasonable?


Start the pre cup pancake breakfasts across the country, starting first week of playoffs .

happens when the playoff positions were known weeks ago. Takes the drama out. Now we are just waiting

Don’t tell the fans in CAL/SSK/WPG. Some of them still think there are things yet to be decided in the final week of games. (Suckers!)


I agree. The biggest news coming out of the CFL office from commish this week was. The Mexico pro league will have a special 2 round draft of Canadian players?
2.0 is outa control

Honestly with the hell show that’s brewing after the elections, this grey cup, (west vs east) , is going to be very political, just my thaught, if this is canada biggest game, everyone across country watching, people will speak there minds on game day, as they should this is canada, but I bet they will be some sort of controversy regarding provinces position on the government level, alot of western fan will want there team to win, even if there team isnt playing, they will cheer for the west team, gonna be a good game off the field that’s for sure

While I don’t agree the Grey Cup will have any political business, you may want to be reminded who the provincial government in Ontario is.

Its on my birthday…WOO HOO! Too bad I don’t have ESPN+ to watch it, might have to travel out to parents’ house.

…banners and signs are starting to appear around town here, can’t speak for the national vibe but the local one is beginning…

…and quite frankly, there’s no way stamps fans are buying tics to a rider GC, and no way rider fans are buying tics to a stamps GC, but once that variable is settled the fans of the winning side will fill the stadium with the leftovers…

Any idea how much I’ll be paying RedWhite? Up top corner near goal line seats will be fine for me.

Huh!? Why?


poster was talking about the divide in politics between east and west.

i reminded poster who the government is in Ontario.

pretty simple I thought.

YES The rural area of the province definitely spoke against the cities .

After what happened today all of us should be concerned .

Hopefully the large cities in Ontario wake up .

…lol, you buy one ticket, I’ll buy the neighbour one, and we can sort out who’s buying each other’s ticket after the western final…

Still don’t know what you are saying or implying.