Hello, Goodbye, Jason Maas!

Is it over for Jason Maas?

one can only hope eh

IMO there could be a real purge after the season is over, the whole coaching staff could be gone, and personally I’d like to see Sunderland gone too.

I was thinking the same thing about the GM…I remember when Norm Kimble was the GM waaaaayyyy back when the NFL training camps were done the ESKS had an annual event they called it an , airlift, of available players to improve the team. Sunderland hasn’t done a thing in his tenure to help this team.

“Airlift” is a dirty word in the CFL. Winning teams are not built that way.


If Edmonton had to send Calgary Sanders, snow plows and graders for the early snow fall can Calgary do us a favor in return and send us their GM and Coach in exchange for the ones that have not taken off their Halloween costumes since they got to Edmonton?

Rhodes who?
Brock who?
Maas who?
Benevides who?

From the top down we need to take out the trash. I would love to know what the collective wages are for these guys? They all need to be reduced by 50% because they do not give 50%.

I hope not. Here’s Maas’ record as head coach of the Eskimos:

2016: 10-8
2017 12-6
2018: 7-7

Like any other sports league, the CFL is a zero sum game. So Maas has in the last three years done better than the average coach.


he inherited a team that won 26 games over the previous 2 seasons.

I’ve made a variant of that same argument regarding Michael O’Shea over in the Blue Bombers forum but the dwellers therein don’t seem inclined to care.


Definitely time to get rid of Jason Maas, which ass. coach is going to be canned next…no td’s in 2 games and 15, 9 , 12, points in last 3 games and when they had 6 games left Reilly and JM both said every game in was a playoff game and if this is how they play BIG changes need to be made, even sunderland’s job shoudn’t be safe!!!

Speaking as a Ticat fan, I agree that if the Eskimos miss the playoffs this year, or are knocked out in one of the semi-final games, Maas should be fired.

Edmonton has one of the top 3 QB’s in the league. But they are consistently underachieving. If Maas can’t put a game plan together to win consistently with Reilly, goodbye Maas.

But that QB ship may have sailed. Reilly is a free agent next year, and Hervey in BCis expected togo after him hard. I can also see Toronto throwing their hat into that ring.

I also think your GM should be held accountable for the lack of talent on your O-Line. Reilly is under siege/taking hits on almost every play. Another reason why Reilly will probably end up elsewhere next year.

He has to be done after tonight’s performance

Actually, you can include Brock Sunderland and Len Rhodes in that list of people who should be let go!
Jason Maas said after the Western Final last year where he kicked the field goal and lost the game, that he would do the same thing after thinking it over and he did just that last night and ensured the Esks would lose the game…The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results…Goodbye JM, BS, and LR!!!

I hope not. Here's Maas' record as head coach of the Eskimos:

2016: 10-8
2017 12-6
2018: 7-7

Like any other sports league, the CFL is a zero sum game. So Maas has in the last three years done better than the average coach.

Well Said. Mass is going nowhere, any time soon.

injuries and the head coaches lack of anger management are paramount to where the Evil Empire NOW sits …on the verge of no playoff spot… Mostly the anger thing…plans of action during fits of anger work best in an imminent life or death fight…not football game outcomes

I’d tend to agree. As I stated in another thread - overwrought emotions cause the body to produce adrenalin, which provokes the brain into stronger flight-or-fight responses and is counterproductive for good planning and strategy. It may be good for the player on the field that is reacting in an instant but the coach has to always be thinking further ahead than that.

Not making the playoffs in a 9 team league the year you are hosting the Grey Cup abysmal. Heads need to roll

Well, it looks like Jason is going to be here. He’s gotta get an OC and hopefully get rid of Benevides. We’ll see if Mikey wants to be here next year because if he does they will sign him.

well…if your QB WANTED to be there next year, he would already be signed…he will look great in rider green winning a few championships

Ya right, as usual it’s all about the Riders. And NOBODY looks good in Rider green!