Hello From Salt Lake City

Hello Blue Bombers, I am a huge Max Hall fan from Salt Lake City, Utah. I am glad he's still playing. The guy has heart and was someone I looked up to so much when he played for BYU. The way he never gave up and fought for every play. It's perfect for the CFL cause CFL football takes that kind of drive and focus.

I have no idea how to find CFL games down here. I would love to watch even if Max Hall isn't starting yet. I wanna support him and his new team. If anyone knows how to watch the games online or something please lemme know.

God Bless,

  • Peter Jex

Hello and welcome!

I believe folks outside Canada can find CFL games on justintv and frontrow.eu

I think all of us (except maybe Goltz :wink: ) are hoping Max will thrive up here. It really is a different game for QBs especially.


Also if your internet provider carries espn3 you can watch all the games online. If you receive NBC sports network as part of your cable/satellite package you can also catch some games there (http://cfl.ca/page/us-broadcast-schedule).

....Welcome aboard....As for Max...he did get a start but hurt his hand early in the game and couldn't continue...I along with a lot of other Bomber fans await his return...

TSN also use to provide an ability for Americans to watch them live; while canadians have to wait until the next day. There are plenty of legitimate ways to watch the game online live without watching someone stream them. I believe you can find more information when you look under Broadcast on this website. I just can't remember where that link is if I find it I'll post it.

If you don't mind waiting until the next day, you can watch any CFL game for free online from TSN the day after its broadcast.


Scroll down to CFL, games on demand.

These are usually blocked to US IP addresses though, or at least they used to be.