Hello from New Zealand

I am real CFL fan but unfortunately don't get it on tv here lots of NFL but none of the fast stuff(CFL) Anyone interested in sending me videos of games .I could send Rugby or RUGBY league videos.Present British tour NRL NPC or whatever our video systems are the same so no problem there.If interested let me know and i will send first get in touch and i will send email address

Hello Rdave. Sorry but I don't have anything right now that could be sent to you. Hang in there and in the meantime there are CFL dvd's around. I'm sure someone on here can help with that.

Hi Supertoe
Thanks for the reply and your interest I was kinda hoping someone would want to record game videos off TV and if they did not want Rugby or rugby league videos in return I could pay them for each video Anyway it would be good to have someone to crrespond with do you want my email address?What team do you follow
Best Wishes and thanks again for the reply

Hello : My son lives in Auckland and, is a solid hockey fan and, has has arranged arranged to see every hocky game of he Montreal Habs each season. I would suggest you get ino tsn.ca , look for your section and type cfl football and you will get a listing of sports. Type into CFL and you will get tons of material from the CFL. In addition this site will get you into sports radio, type football and, you will have a list of radio stations which will you radio stations of CFL news.

Niagara, you do realize it's 2015 and not 2005 right? :slight_smile: That's two 10 year old threads you have revived!

Right. These were the threads that came on my computer. Usually I don't check the material re the dates, just assume the material I respond to is dated appropriately. I really don't know how this happened.

You gave us a good laugh chatting with ghosts :stuck_out_tongue: