Hello from Louisiana

Good to be back with you for another season of Tiger-Cat footall. I've been a little out of the loop. I'm also an NFL Saints fan (since 1967). Been an eventful off season to say the least! But VERY glad to jump back into another season following the CFL.

I'll search through the topics, but can someone catch me up on the QB situation this season?

Have a great weekend everyone from a former Shreveport PIrate fan who turned into a Hamilton Tiger-Cat fan.

Welcome back.

Probably as follows:
#1 - Henry Burris (acquired from Calgary in trade for Kevin Glenn)
#2 - Quinton Porter
#3 - either Tate Forcier (Michigan) or Dan LeFevour (Central Michigan, reserve QB for various NFL teams last two years)

Great to hear form you again. I hope you can find a way to visit us up here this season. :thup:

i’m sure you would enjoy a visit…as well as “Canada’s Mardi Gras”…the “Grey Cup week festivities”.

I would love to come up there sometime. Used to enjoy sitting with Canadians when they would come to Pirates games, usually on their way to New Orleans. Heard many great things and do hope to visit sometime. Of course Football season would be best!

So Burris looks like the front runner?

Pretty much his to lose. I'm sure Porter would love to get the chance to take it from him, but I'm sure that'd only happen if Burris fails to perform (knock wood) or is injured (KNOCK WOOD!!!).

Yes, he's the starter barring something catastrophic. He's also looked very good in camp. I thought Burris was done after last year, but after seeing him in person a couple times, I have to say that I was wrong. If he can hold up over the whole season, this could be a special season.

Hi LaChazz:

Good to hear from you.

I'll let those who've been to the practices comment on the players, since, unfortunately, I haven't been able to get to any of the training camp sessions.

I hope you get to see some games. And let's hear some opinions from you.