Hello from dixieland!

If South Beach turned topless Id move down there as fast as humanly possible. Job or no job id be all worth it! (closing my eyes to imagine) Ahhhh....Beautiful!

Hey there's some great nude beaches in the states! Only one that I know of in Canada. I too love tailgates. It seems to be catching on slowly up North too, though only in typically Canadian, highly organized and structured way so the cops can keep an eye on you :wink: Still, you can load up on burgers and beers and enjoy the view in the stands :lol:

Years ago when i lived in Ottawa there was the annual Panda Game between the UofO and Carleton. It was practically a drunken orgy in the stands sometimes with girls being passed over the crowd a not uncommon occurrence. Damn those were fun! :thup:

Better pack your bags …South Beach was topless in 1999 and still is for the most part past a certain area where designated …very European in that regard right on our shores. But seriously So Fl is not really worth moving to for that given that otherwise it is like a Tropical New York.

And yes Rpaege is right about a good number of nude beaches in the US, but then again on some of them you would not want to see what is on them anyway. :lol: Sort of like most of the folks in those nudist camps.

Nowadays of course all of it is not as fun with the threat of cameraphones disturbing the peace and ruining some of the fun though. Technology has its downside too with all that free and easy hot steamy action online. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would DEFINITELY love to go on a cross-Canada roadtrip some late-summer/early-autumn and see a game at every stadium as well! Sounds AWESOME!

So Calgary '2nd-worst', huh? Hmm?

And YES, many DO speak English in Montreal, just they rather you know THEIR language as well.

Maybe someone can advise here what it's like for a non-French speaker to be in Montreal?

Though of course it is not Quebec, when I was in Paris on holiday travelling as a student, I made out great as an Italian instead of speaking English, and wow did they treat me just fine unlike all the horror stories I had heard about rude Parisians. I understand that there are large Italian communities in Windsor, Toronto, and Montreal amongst other cities in Canada too.

I can't blame Parisians and many Europeans for being annoyed at many a loud, fat, obnoxious, rude, and/or even smelly American tourist as well as I had avoided and pretended even not to be able to speak English sometimes though being a fellow American (and still would with some who look like they just came out of a Wal-Mart all the time) :lol: , but some of the tales I have heard on the rude treatment just for being American seemed over the top for Parisians and even as I saw in actuality at times in Italy (especially Venetians who are known even amongst Italians to cheat their own).

Interestingly in continental Europe if you are English Canadian it seems you get treated like an American until you can somehow convince them otherwise, so I would feel bad for any Canadian treated wrongly even more just due to the behaviour of some of my fellow Americans. I'd even issue a national apology to all Canadians who have travelled to continental Europe if I could represent my country in doing so. :stuck_out_tongue: And then we could exchange a "2-4" as you say and drink a few. :thup:

But is it that bad for real in Montreal, short of the still too common obnoxious American tourist, though these types are the smaller minority I would think? Is it better if you don't speak French and you go to Montreal to just go with the Italian or Spanish and then the English just as I would do in France? :?