Hello from dixieland!

Hello everyone!
Im from Mississipppi and got introduced to your wonderful game 5 years ago! I fell in love with it from the first snap! Ive since been following it religiously since. Ive also have gone out of my way to attend atleast one game at all the CFL cities and was blessed to mett alot of great Canadians. id like to thank Canada for giving mr a wonderful experience and for creating such a great game! On that note, as a man of have a favorate team, (i havent decided yet) I would like to give you a outsiders perspective on the top 8 cities a lonely american can come up and watch a live CFL game not knowing what to expect from any of them! 8. Toronto (like being at a funeral) 7. Calgary (thought I was at a rider home game... unbelievable) 6. Montreal ( i couldnt understand anyone) 5. Hamilton ( great fans but what a dump!) 4. (BC thought it was quiet for a dome but atleast not Toronto quiet!) 3. Winnipeg ( great fans but its another dump) 2. Edmonton ( great place to watch a game but I froze my ass off) 1. Saskatchewan ( it would be my #1 if it were a Nfl team! Borderline balistic, and I never sat down once! Un believable)

Anyways... thankyou Canada and my Grey cup prediction is a rematch with Saskatchewan on top this time. There loaded for bare and there aint a team out there that will be able to stop them. Plus they will have a huge chip on there shoulder from what happened last year. Fuel to the fire Id say!

Bring on the season!

Me thinks you are Turkeybend LOL ! But if your not thanks for the compliments and say hello to Eric Tillman if you see him.

Expect that at any Toronto game, including (and especially) the Leafs

Welcome to the CFL Forum! It’s really amazing that, in 5 short years, you have been to a game in every city and you are far away from every one of them! I haven’t even been to every stadium, I’m now embarassed to say :oops: and I’ve been around a lot more than 5 years :oops:

But an interesting take on the atmospheres of the various venues. The sample size may affect your views in that one or two games may not be indicitive of how it is generally (e.g. a blowout for the visiting team will feel more like a funeral than a blowout for the home team), but it is really interesting all the same. I’ve often wanted to get a more objective take on the atmospheres. Non-Rider fans often say Rider fans’ touting of their level of spirit is exaggerated. Either you are joining the exaggeration or you are confirming that it’s not exaggeration. Unless you really are Turkeybend :stuck_out_tongue: , it seems like the latter … either way, GO RIDERS!!!

All_American, What part of Mississippi [y'all] from? I've spend some time in MS, in particular the delta (Clarksdale, Indianola, Holly Springs/hill country, Helena Arkansas)... Did you know someone who played in the CFL?

......we are about to correct 'our dumpy facility'.....as shovels are scheduled to go in the ground next week, to build a brand new spanking Stadium.....GoBigBlue :rockin: :thup:

Quiet... I'm sleeping...

Jasksons where im from. no exageration on those rider fans! Near equal to Ole miss, but I think I was in that there college section of theres! It had it all but nudity! But there was some close calls! but those were just first time observations! Headin to BC and Hamilton this year in september! Lokking forward to it! go Rebels!

Please get some naked or near-naked photos of hotties in SK next time and share the goods with us privately? Also if by chance in BC or Hamilton too! :thup:

So cool A-American! Maybe I'll see you at a Lions game some time. You know they're playing in a temporary stadium this year? And try Edmonton in July instead of October :lol:

Each year the CFL forum receives ''love letters'' from American fans. This one is very special. By the way, many speak English in Montreal, bonjour!

......we are about to correct 'our dumpy facility'.....as shovels are scheduled to go in the ground next week, to build a brand new spanking Stadium.....GoBigBlue :rockin: :thup:
I think you mean brand-spanking-new stadium … unless you lot in Winnipeg are a kinkier bunch than I thought.

......LOL :lol: ......no, we won't expect everyone to bend over at the new facility....that would be ...'kinky'
The faciltiy is going to be NEW.....how's that :thup:

There is a fair amount of full frontal nudity on the east side at Bomber games. Doesn't seem to matter which section you sit in, although S & T are pretty crazy, or should it be S & M. :wink:

for sure. section s has tons of breast shots.. only thing is.. Like, u need binoculars to see most the time cuz the drunk girls who are showing their boobies, REALLY DONT HAVE MUCH AT ALL.

i dunno ive seen quite a few breasts in my lifetime, i dont get overly omg check out that chick in section s.. cuz like... They are drunk ho's who dont respect themselves so i dont bother to even give them the time.

Seriously. i dunno. kids, old people.... ya people in section S and T need to start to like.. not calm down but... HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR those around you who are there to... i dunno WATCH FOOTBALL.

haha yea. if your a hardcore fan, your going to want to avoid those areas, cause u most likely wont hear anything, will be constantly kncked around by drunks, and have beer spilled on you... however if your just a casual fan out for a fun night with the boys... than you will prob have a blast in section s.... im fine with my north endzone seats tho thanks!!

Uh hum (cough cough) ...I can't wait for the season to start then.

Note that such fine material is okay also under NAFTA for which I would kindly reciprocate from my "vintage collection" via PMs as well, as of course it would not be fit for publishing via links on any threads on this forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

It's funny too that this is all normal at some CFL towns whereas anywhere in the US at an NFL, MLB, or NBA game such folks would be thrown out rather swiftly. :stuck_out_tongue: I think the NHL is far more lenient though.

I doubt you'd see many boobies at a hockey game :lol: You did hit on one major difference though. U.S. = tailgate parties everywhere, no boobies in the stands. Canada = boobies in the stands, no tailgates anywhere.

I thought Calgary had a darned good tailgate party! It just took me a while to figure who the home team was!

Rpaege perhaps some day we can start this tradition down here. Americans by comparison are so prudish on this matter or public boobies I think. What other nation has so many miles of hot beach coastline yet so much law enforcement to prohibit topless public beaches lest one go to South Beach?

Though I do like tailgates too, I'll take fine boobies in the stands between plays at any given game as I stand there with my beer and whatever as I watch the game. :thup: