Hello from CFLRS Saint-Jean

Hello everyone!

I see a few things have changed in Ticats land since I left. I'm not at all sad to see Mass gone and it's good to see an experienced QB come into the mix. I also think that Chang will end up being a great CFL QB.

Training here is pretty tough but it's fun... at times. There are a lot of rules and regulations that we're slowly learning. All in all it's a good time. Now I just hope that I can get to the laundry room and watch tonights game... it's the only TV we've got.

Good luck Cats!

8) Not sure what time the game comes on where you are, but it is a 3pm start, Toronto time !!!! Hope you are not thinking it is a night game !!!!!

Rule #1

NEVER Volunteer :rockin:

Have Fun Rusty :thup:


Good luck Rusty!
I hated the Megaplatz! Recruit training should be back at Cornwallis.

Great to hear from you Rusty. Best of luck to you.

Wow! Cornwallis!!! I graduated from there in '77.....ahhhhh memories